Chrissy Teigen Shares Her ‘3 Freaky Facts’ and ‘Freaky Teigy’ Cocktail Recipe!


Model Chrissy Teigen partied it up with the widely known alcohol beverage Captain Morgan in Miami to throw, what looked like, a completely fun Sunday RumDay bash. Guests and bartenders at the event were even in on a Teigen’s not-so-secret signature cocktail, the Freaky Teigy! Okay, so we all Teigen as John Legend’s wife, a stunning model or one who does not have a filter on anything! But, check out the video below for “3 Freaky Facts” you may not have known about the star. (I know, we couldn’t believe the Star Wars thing either.)

The “Freaky Teigy” Cocktail Recipe

·         1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum

·         1.5 oz. Coconut Water

·         1 oz. Club Soda

·         Lime Wedge

Instructions: Fill tall glass with ice. Add Captain Morgan® Pineapple Rum and coconut water. Top with club soda. Squeeze lime wedge and drop in. Best served in a coconut.

P.S. National Rum Day is August 16th! This drink is perfect for it!