DIY: Circle Shelf from The Merry Thought

(Image Credit: The Merrythought)

(Image Credit: The Merrythought)

There comes a time in a person’s life where they head to the internet (e.g. Tumblr or Pinterest) for decoration inspiration. My latest inspiration comes from The Merry Thought. I was introduced to the idea of a DIY Circle Shelf which looks extremely complicated at first glance but it’s really not!

If you ever need more shelves in your household (because let’s be honest, there just never seems to be enough room anymore!) and you don’t want to go towards the traditional route of purchasing shelves at your nearest IKEA or Target, why not try out this idea? It’s perfect if you’re going for a homey or outdoorsy vibe!

Head over to The Merry Thought’s DIY Circle Shelf tutorial so you can have more shelves in no time. Did I fail to mention, you can score this look at a reasonable price? What a win.

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