Unruly Women in Media: Samantha Jones from ‘Sex and the City’

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in SEX IN THE CITY (Image Credit: HBO)

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in SEX IN THE CITY (Image Credit: HBO)

Welcome to the third installment of our Unruly Women series! This week, we’re jumping back to the late ‘90s with Sex and the City’s own Samantha Jones. Last week, Sophia from Orange is the New Black showed us one trans woman’s struggles with gender and sexuality. As many of you probably know, these are not problem areas for Samantha. In fact, this is where she thrives.

Out of the foursome that is Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha, not one character has a personality like the other. Carrie is the romantic writer, determined to figure out what love is for her audience and, occasionally, for herself. However, she ends up with the man who didn’t always treat her well, and probably won’t in the future (the wedding day no-show didn’t really shock anyone). Charlotte, on the other hand, is marriage-obsessed. I don’t think an episode went by where she wasn’t focused on meeting the man of her dreams, planning a wedding, or fantasizing over having children. Miranda is the cynical, practical lawyer of the group. She typically suppresses her femininity and tends to lack empathy towards the men in her life who care about her. Poor Steve.

Then, we have Samantha. Ms. Jones’ sexuality is anything but suppressed. She isn’t focused on finding her soul mate. Rather, she expresses her sexuality in ways that are often compared to that of a man: for her own pleasure. She is a woman who is confident in herself and isn’t afraid to show it. Sure, she tends to amaze even her best friends with the tales of her nightly escapades, but she enjoys what she does and, quite frankly, isn’t bothered if Charlotte is in a state of shock for a day or two.

Sexuality aside, Samantha is also a businesswoman. She runs her own extremely successful PR business, where she gets to attend fabulous events and meet even more fabulous people, not to mention that she always seems to be doing just fine financially. In and out of the workplace, she has no problem demonstrating her intelligence to men. Unlike Miranda, who once became so desperate that she lied to men about being a flight attendant rather than a lawyer to be more “attractive,” Samantha takes pride in being any man’s equal.

Although she is nowhere near the Charlotte-level relationship fixation, Samantha is not afraid of such commitments. As we see from one of her relationships with much-younger model boyfriend, Smith Jerrod, she has the capability to let someone into her life and actually keep him (or her) around for some time. Smith stays with Samantha through her chemotherapy treatments, and she even takes the plunge and moves out to Los Angeles with him. However, she isn’t willing to put her independence fully aside for love. When Smith outbids her for a ring that he knew she desperately wanted, she gets frustrated with him because she wanted to buy it for herself. When she realizes that she isn’t happy living in LA, she leaves him to return to New York to be where she feels she belongs. Samantha knows her self-worth, and knows that no man is worth sacrificing her own happiness to be with.

Samantha Jones is well aware that she doesn’t fit the mold of a perfectly manicured housewife or an anti-male conservative, but she takes pride in that. She refuses to show remorse for her too-long-to-count list of sexual partners or for her “I don’t have a baby” shower party. Samantha follows no standards, and is probably the happiest of the four best friends because of this.

Check back in a week to see what unruly woman will be featured next!

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