Featured DIY: Temporary Tattoos by The Homesteady

(Image Credit: Sara Fenerty)

(Image Credit: Sara Fenerty)

Have you found yourself constantly going back and forth between whether or not you should get a tattoo? If you’re a commitmentphobe like I am, you probably often find yourself wondering whether or not you would get sick of something permanently inked into your skin and wish that there was a way to test out your new look before going under the needle. Well, great news! The folks over at The Homesteady have come up with a great DIY method to do just that. My sister and I have both been contemplating getting tattoos and were eager to test out this do-it-at-home version.

As the site suggested, we ordered some temporary tattoo paper. Amazon offers several great varieties, but we wound up going with Silhouette’s product. At $7.87 USD off of Amazon, it was one of the most cost effective options, coming with two separate sheets. When the sheets arrived, we quickly jumped on Google to find images equivalent to the tattoos we’ve been thinking about getting. This is what is so cool about making your own temporary tattoos, you can literally pull any design you want or even create your own. Just take a photo of it and upload it to your computer! Once we’d selected our images, we simply dragged them into a blank document. Depending on the image, you may need to flip it horizontally. We fit about six decent sized tattoos on one 8X11 sheet.

The Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper comes with two white tattoo sheets, and two green adhesive sheets. Just as a note, the product will call for the use of several additional Silhouette tools to create your temporary tattoos, but you will manage just fine without them! When you’re ready to print, you’ll want to put the white sheet in with the glossy side down so that the tattoos will print to it. Before you print, make sure you hit the “Photo Paper” option if available. Allow the printed tattoos to completely dry before applying the adhesive. This is where it gets a bit tricky! You’ll want to be extra careful to avoid the adhesive from crinkling or creating any air bubbles. The Silhouette adhesive comes with a little tab that should make the alignment process a bit easier. Use this to peel away the green backing. Once the adhesive is applied, smooth it over as well as possible. My sister and I used the tips of our fingers and a credit card held on its side to drag out any imperfections in the surface.

(Image Credit: Sara Fenerty)

(Image Credit: Sara Fenerty)

After the adhesive was applied came the fun part. As you would with any sheet of temporary tattoos, cut out the tattoo, remove the plastic adhesive protection and carefully position it on the desired part of your body. Firmly hold a wet cloth to it for about 10-15 seconds. If you go to pull away the backing and you find a bit of resistance, replace the wet cloth for an additional five seconds.

And voila! Custom temporary tattoos. For the most part, my sister and I really liked the way they came out. We really were able to get a good idea of what the real thing might actually look like. Keep in mind that these are temporary tattoos, so they will look a bit on the fake side. Make sure to cut out as much white space as possible to avoid too much extra adhesive on the skin. The fake versions lasted for about two days before fading in the shower, but did provide enough of an idea as to whether or not we would seriously get the tattoos we’d been thinking about. Abby’s definitely considering getting inked, while I’m still a maybe. If I ever feel like changing things up for just a day, this is the way to go. Let us know if you’d try out your own DIY tattoos in the comments below!


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