The Best of Instagram: The Happiest Dogs on Insta Edition

(Image Credit: Goldenwoofs/Instagram)

(Image Credit: Goldenwoofs/Instagram)

When I’m having a bad day, or maybe just could use a little pick-me-up, there is one thing that never fails to make me smile: cute animals. Which is why the day I realized I could follow cute puppies on Instagram was an extremely happy day for me.

And I’m not the only happy one – there are endless adorable dogs on Instagram, and they don’t hesitate to share photographic evidence of their own joy over a fun day at the dog park, a delicious treat, or just a lovely snuggle.

As part of The Daily Quirk’s Best of Instagram series, take a look at my picks for the Happiest Dogs on Instagram – you’ll be itching to tap that “follow” button as soon as you see these adorable smiling puppy faces. And please excuse my preference for the fluffy ones. I just can’t help it!

1) @rocco_roni

This happy sheepdog regularly shares snaps of playtime, the struggles of unruly hair, and expeditions around his hometown of Austin, TX with his brother and BFF, Whiskey.

A photo posted by Rocco (@rocco_roni) on Jul 22, 2015 at 6:57pm PDT


2) @hudsonthegoldendoodle

Hudson’s a metropolitan pup with spot-on style and a squad of equally adorable buddies that accompany him on his NYC adventures. I mean, just look at the picture. So many happy puppies! So much cute!


3) @rolliepolliezoey

English bulldogs don’t necessarily have the most naturally gleeful mug, but Zoey’s smiley underbite shows us there are all sorts of ways to show you’re loving life.

A photo posted by Zoey (@rolliepolliezoey) on Jun 9, 2015 at 8:23pm PDT


Meet Chief, a long-haired mini dachshund puppy who doesn’t let his slight stature and awkward shape get in the way of his adventures.
This one’s a twofer – Dexter and Jasper are poodle mix brothers (from different mothers) with an odd couple dynamic: Dexter’s the troublemaker, and Jasper’s the overachiever. But no matter what, they have fun together!


Loki is another international buddy – he’s a skilled retriever from the Netherlands with a fondness for swimming and frisbee and a fantastically content smile.

A photo posted by Loki 🐾 (@lokinsdtr) on Jul 22, 2015 at 11:23pm PDT


6) @littlemiss_hazelnut

Hazel is a sweet little maltese/bichon mix whose side eye game is almost as strong as her bright smile. This little lady is proper, but she’s not afraid to let down her hair and have a good time.

A photo posted by @littlemiss_hazelnut on Aug 4, 2015 at 8:02pm PDT


7) @goldenwoofs

Business-minded Sugar is a brand ambassador for several companies, which gives her tons of opportunities to travel and try out new products. By the looks of things, she’s really enjoying herself!

A photo posted by goldenwoofs (@goldenwoofs) on Aug 7, 2015 at 6:37am PDT

8) @cliffthedoodle

Another Brooklyn-based doodle; Cliff’s an easygoing guy whose smile is sometimes just a little too big for his mouth.

// @bensonandlexi Benson and Lexi are siblings by adoption and best friends – check out videos of the two excitedly greeting each other at doggie daycare. While both dogs are adorable, Benson, especially, has a smile that will kill you with cuteness.

A photo posted by Benson & Lexi (@bensonandlexi) on Jul 25, 2015 at 8:57pm PDT

And the #10 spot? That’s reserved for your own dog, because I know there are millions of adorable dog photos on instagram, including many puppies who don’t have their own accounts but guest star in their owners’.  Do you have a favorite Instagram dog account? Or maybe just an adorable photo of your own pooch on your account to share? Tell us in the comments! The world can never have enough happy puppy photos.//


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