Easy-Bake, ‘Parent Trap,’ and Beanie Babies, Oh My! (What I Would Put In My Nostalgic Memory Crate)

Easy-Bake Oven (Image Credit: Hasbro) / Lindsay Lohan in THE PARENT TRAP (Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Easy-Bake Oven (Image Credit: Hasbro) / Lindsay Lohan in THE PARENT TRAP (Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Before writing this article I’d never really sat down to think about all the things I loved from my childhood and what happened to them. Turns out, most of them have been taken off shelves and replaced with something “better,” but if you ask me, these things are as good as it could get. The folks over at Man Crates asked if I could put together my own personal memory crate and what it would be filled with. If I could have anything from my childhood delivered to my doorstep, what would it be?

The Parent Trap VHS – For as far back as I can remember this was my movie of choice 24 hours a day. To this day I can still recite every word of the movie, and 20 years later I’m still not quite sure how they managed to make Lindsay Lohan into Hallie and Annie.

Everything and anything Mary-Kate & Ashley – When I wasn’t watching The Parent Trap, it was anything Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These girls were everything I wanted to be and more. They could solve mysteries, had the best sleepovers and always went on the best vacations! I lived every part of my childhood vicariously through Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Skip It! – The playground in elementary school was nothing without the Skip-It! I don’t ever remember going a day without playing with one. The joy of jump roping without actually needing people to hold the other ends of the jump rope; the thrill of competition to see who would win in battle of the Skip-It; oh, what a wonderful toy.

Shania Twain cassette tape – If you’re too young to remember cassette tapes that probably also means that you’re too young to know who Shania Twain is, and for that I am sorry. As a young girl growing up in a very, very small town in Maine I probably shouldn’t have had quite the love for Shania as I did, but dear lord do I love that woman and her anthems.

Beanie Babies – Who didn’t have a beanie baby? The best friend a child could have existed in these small bean-filled animals. My collection hung in a shoe organizer on the back of my bedroom door and although I don’t quite remember the exact number, I’m pretty sure between my sister and I we had hundreds. And yes, they all had names!

Easy-Bake Oven – What was childhood without the Easy-Bake Oven?! Ironically enough, I think this is truly where my love of baking sweet treats came from! If I remember anything about my Easy-Bake it was making my dog “birthday treats” at least once a week. I would love to be able to cook up a cake in a minute without any fancy kitchen gadgets now!

Limewire (minus the viruses and fake songs) – I know how awful free song downloads are to the artists and the record companies, but when I was a kid Limewire was the best thing ever. The ability to burn any song you wanted onto a mix CD was like having all the power in the world. The biggest downside being that for every five songs you downloaded you got at least one fake song and one virus.

Tickets to appear on Double Dare 2000 – This show was the game show to end all game shows. Researching it now I was surprised to find that it wasn’t even on for an entire year, but it took my heart in that short amount of time. All I ever wanted was to be one of the contestants getting to tackle those crazy obstacles and winning the best prizes ever!

Sadly, most of these items can no longer be found in stores! The things that meant the most to me during my childhood have become useless and obsolete to the technologically savvy children today! If you could receive a crate full of all your favorite childhood memories, what would they be? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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