Would You Use a Phone-Charging Bracelet?

(Image Credit: Q Designs)

(Image Credit: Q Designs)

It is truly amazing what technology can do and recently I have been fascinated with charging devices. A few months back I purchased one of those battery blocks that you charge up and then use to charge your phone. I thought it was genius in the beginning. Then life happened. By that, I mean that I was constantly losing it somewhere. It was in the bottom of my bottomless purse. It was under the edge of my bed. It fell somewhere in my car. It soon was just as annoying as keys, bobby pins or an uncharged phone, as in it would be helpful if I could keep it in my eyesight and operational.

There is a solution that I have recently been made aware of that I would like to explore: phone charging bracelets! The initial issue of getting lost basically solves itself. Where is that pesky yet helpful thing? Oh yeah, physically attached to me! I would want to try it out based on that fact alone!

A phone charging bracelet would be particularly helpful in crowded situations, I think. Christmas Eve my family and extended family all crams into my grandmother’s not-so-big house. The chances of me getting to the outlet are close to zilch. If I had the bracelet it wouldn’t be a problem. I also imagine if I ever became an extreme cross-country runner, like Waco to Austin, Texas extreme; that would be super handy! Then again, I probably would not be playing Candy Crush while I’m trekking across Texas. I do not run though, so maybe I would.

I think you get the point though. The convenience thing is a huge factor in my saying yes, I would love to try it out. Wait, but this is no choice to make on a whim. It is a much bigger choice when you consider the price. I typed in “phone charging bracelet” in Google and found an article from Fashionista that bragged about the QBracelet. The product is still in a pre-order phase but it features a sleek, thick steel looking design that boasts the ability to charge an Android or iPhone in approximately 60 minutes. The going pre-sale price is $78. The planned retail price will be $98 according to the Q Design website.

QDesigns says the bracelet can charge up to 60%. At first I thought 60 minutes to charge sounded slow, but up a percent a minute would not be bad in a truly dire situation I suppose. I still think the price would be too high for me to buy. In a road trip/vacation situation it would be nice in theory. However, if I’m just out running errands at the mall or my phone dies during my bus trip home, I probably do not want to wait a minute for every percent to go up. I would hypothetically be home or back to a wall plug that could help me faster before that bracelet would do any good.

What about other charging bracelets? Well, some others I have seen are pricey too. Wait, you say, maybe your super cool aunt gifts this to you. That is an exception. I do not mind if someone gifts it or if I won it. I just do not think I could justify buying it for myself.

But if the price was better, which could feasibly happen as demand goes up and we become savvier as a global consumer group, I would definitely try a phone charging bracelet. Until the price becomes better, I will still feel like it sounds like a super cool possibility straight out of The Jetsons, but not a possibility for me.

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