Why you need to binge watch ‘UnReal’ Season One!

UNREAL (Image Credit: Lifetime)

UNREAL (Image Credit: Lifetime)

When I first started seeing promos for Lifetime’s new series, UnREAL, I knew I would have to check it out. I will admit that The Bachelor shows are one of my favorite guilty pleasures, so I was intrigued to find out what life was really like behind the scenes. Yes, it’s a television show so of course it’s going to be blown out of proportion, but my favorite part about it is that one of the creators used to be a producer on The Bachelor so there has to be some truth to the show, right? I’ve put together some reasons why you should definitely binge watch Season One before Season Two comes around!

Warning: Spoilers lay ahead, so turn back now if you don’t want to find out some very real details of UnReal!
1. Quinn


Quinn is the baddest bitch around and she’ll be the first to let you know. Serving as the Executive Producer on the fake reality show UnREAL is based around, she is in charge of everything that happens and will stop at absolutely nothing to get the ending she’s looking for.

2. “Everlasting”

UNREAL (Image Credit: Lifetime)

UNREAL (Image Credit: Lifetime)

This is UnREAL’s version of The Bachelor, and it is glorious. Having Season One of the show be based around an entire season of “Everlasting” was a brilliant move and sets the show up for a really exciting second season. Are they going to have an entirely new cast? Are they going to do a spinoff of Adam Cromwell’s season? Is ”Everlasting” even going to have another season?!

3. The love triangle

UNREAL (Image Credit: Lifetime)

UNREAL (Image Credit: Lifetime)

The Rachel-Adam-Jeremy love triangle is everything that I love about a soap opera-ish show. A head producer on “Everlasting,” Rachel, has a history with Jeremy, a camera man; but she has a new and exciting relationship with Adam, the suitor of “Everlasting.” While watching Season One I was almost certain she was going to end up with Adam, but now I have no idea at all!

4. The undeniable Bachelor references.


A big part of UnREAL’s first season was the crew trying to find a villain among the “Everlasting” cast, which is very clearly a part of every season of The Bachelor. They ALWAYS have a villain, and if their villain goes home, they’re pretty quick to make a new one! The host of “Everlasting” always makes me laugh, and you have to assume that it’s a dig at Chris Harrison, who has hosted The Bachelor shows since the very beginning.

5. Faith


Faith is not your average reality dating show contestant, and her time on “Everlasting” proved that. She was one of my favorite UnREAL characters in Season One because of her total honesty in the situation she was put in. She’s a lesbian who went on a reality dating show to hide who she was and in the end found out more about herself than she ever imagined. Faith reminds me of all of those awkward Bachelor contestants who you know don’t belong there but you can’t quite figure out why they’re on the show. Her innocence and honesty was a good balance for the crazy drama that UnREAL displayed.

Summer has never been a time for the best television or really anything worth watching, but UnREAL may have just changed that. Lifetime is certainly not the network I expected to tune into every week, but I am certainly glad I did! If you loved UnREAL or something else about the show stood out to you, let us know in the comments!

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