5 U.S. Art Museums to Add to Your Bucket List

Booth Western Art Museum (Image Credit: Booth Museum Org)

Booth Western Art Museum (Image Credit: Booth Museum Org)

Although summertime is coming to a close, it’s no reason to stop looking for travel destinations. Art museums make great additions to any bucket list. They also come with interesting cities to explore. Check out these five museums as a starting place for your next adventure.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

If you find yourself in Boston looking for art, around the corner from the Museum of Fine Arts is a notable collection of Renaissance pieces. The museum is named after the collector who gathered the works with her husband during international travels. The museum building is designed to model a Renaissance Venetian building. The museum includes furniture, paintings, sculptures and more. It also features the first American building to have a fully glassed-in garden courtyard.

Museum of Fine Arts Houston

This museum has a large variety within and outside of its walls. There is even a movie theater and a library! The collection is so large that it has two galleries and two house museums. When visiting do not forget to check out the sculpture garden. The works of art in this museum span a wide geographical range that includes Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Another fun thing about this location is that the building was in part designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a famous modern German-American architect. Houston has an extensive network of museums, a number of which are free, so this stop can easily be supplemented.

De Young Museum

San Francisco’s art museum was uniquely modeled after the revival style of the Egyptians. It included a sphinx and everything. The museum received an overhaul ten years ago and is now a copper building. It is still very much impressive and deserves to grace your Instagram. Art work includes work from Africa, the Americas, and Oceania. It also has a group of international costumes. On your visit do not miss the over 140 foot tower that overlooks San Francisco; it is free!

Booth Western Art Museum

Georgia’s Cartersville houses an interesting art museum not to be missed. Western fans will find not only classic western paintings here, but also contemporary works. The museum also, interestingly enough, includes signed letters from each president. How does that fit in with the team? You’ll have to head over to find out. Mainly the works are 20th and 21st century art.

Nelson-Atkins Museum

The final museum that needs to be on art lover’s lists everywhere is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The best part is it is completely free. So if you have a friend tagging along that is not exactly up on appreciating culture, this attraction will definitely get them their money’s worth. The museum boasts more than 30,000 pieces to be admired. If American Indian art is something that makes your to-see list, this is still the right stop. The Native American art collection includes sculptures, paintings, pottery and more.

This short list will definitely get any art museum bucket list started. Remember, where there’s one there’s usually more attractions. Explore the city attractions around the museums for even more fun.

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