5 Crazy Products You Can Have Made With Instagram Photos

(Image Credit: Printstagram)

(Image Credit: Printstagram)

Can you believe Instagram only a few years ago? The iPhone app (now also available for Android) has become the most popular place to post selfies, #ootd and party pictures. But what do we do with our photos after the likes and comments have stopped coming in? Do we let them fade into the past, never to be seen unless someone decides to scroll through every picture on our page? Not according to the internet! Instagram photographers everywhere can immortalize their pics in a variety of ways. You can now buy postcards, t-shirts and wall art featuring your Instagram masterpieces. There are many, many options for printing out your Instagram photos…Here are my top 5 products that you just might have to invest in:


Who doesn’t love stickers? Printstagram lets you turn your photos into adorable stickers that would be great for a scrapbook or thank you note. You can post them on your notebook or give them out as a party favor! The package comes with 252 stickers so there are plenty of opportunities to decorate!


If you’re looking to add to your coffee mug collection, why not add some personal flair? When you log in with Instagram, Zazzle lets you try out any combination of your images. Just drag which photos you’d like to use and in a few seconds, you can have a mug designed with your face on it!

Contact Cards

Similar to business cards, these small squares are perfect for handing out your contact info! Printstagram places a photo on one side and your name or Instagram username on the other side. If you don’t want to put your contact info on the card, try an inspirational quote or a story about the photo. They are cute and a fun way to get people talking about your pictures!

iPhone Cases

Casetify creates iPhone cases with your lovely photos on them. They have an assortment of cool layouts to choose from, including hearts, squares and polka dots! Once you pick a layout, insert your photos and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind iPhone case that will remind you to keep posting on Instagram! You can even add a filter to your creation…How cool is that?


Decorate your walls or refrigerator with these awesome magnets! Sticky9 lets you choose 9 photographs that you can turn into magnets for the ultimate accessory to your home. You can use these photo magnets to hold up even more photos! If you’re super creative, you can use the 9 photos to create a theme, like ‘Summer 2014’ or ‘Funny Photos.’ Let your imagination run wild!

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