An Exclusive Interview with Actress and Singer Alina Aliluykina

Alina Aliluykina (Image Credit: Isaac Sterling)

Alina Aliluykina (Image Credit: Isaac Sterling)

Seeing musicians collaborate is nothing new but lately we’ve been seeing two completely different genres join forces on more than one occasion. We think it’s awesome, of course. One friendship/collaboration we ship is Fall Out Boy and Steve Aoki when they came together to create the track “Back To Earth” which is featured on Aoki’s latest album Neon Future I. Now to accompany that track is a brand new music video that just released in mid-August.

Sure, we can talk about the storyline and everything but the real star of the video had to be the triple threat Alina Aliluykina. This will probably NOT be the last time we hear of Alina so to get the world familiar with her name, we had the chance to interview her for The Daily Quirk! Check out the interview below to see what it was like to work with the two artists, how she got her career in the entertainment industry and where we can see her next!

The Daily Quirk: Amazing work and congrats on being featured in Fall Out Boy and Steve Aoki’s music video! How did that come about for you? What was it like on set to work with the two?

Alina Aliluykina: Thanks! I worked before with the same production team and director, it was a small job, nothing exciting, but they remembered my work and offered this project. It reminds me that small things lead to big things if you work hard and love what you do. I enjoyed working with Steve and the boys, it was fun. Those guys are cool and I love the song. “Are you living your life or just waiting to die?” are such simple and genius lyrics which perfectly describe our humanity. I feel like only a small percent of people for real LIVE the life, the rest is surviving, sinking in the “wanting” “needing” and “judging.” I wish we all would learn the real LIVING with a lot of meaning.

TDQ: The music video seemed really intense, but badass at the same time! When you first looked at what the role entailed, what were your initial thoughts? Did you have to train for those mini-fight scenes?

AA: First thoughts were: “Holy shit, sounds awesome to fight bad creatures and have super powers.” I love the idea of super heroes. It is inspiring, because we are all superheroes. We are just afraid to believe it and use our powers. Look around, everything you see is created by a person just like you are, including the words we are speaking with right now. We had a team of stuntmen and they were ruling the process of fight scenes.

TDQ: Being that Fall Out Boy and Steve Aoki are two different genre styles, what kind of music do you gravitate towards? If we took a peek into your iPod, what would be playing at this moment?

AA: I am a huge fan of Radiohead, their music takes me places and makes me feel special. I truly love what they do, how they sound and how they do not give a f**k about the “show business game.” My favorite Russian director Andrey Tarkovsky said “the meaning of Art is the search for God in man.” Thom Yorke and his band get it.

TDQ: You have a bright future ahead of you, but how did you get your start in your career?

AA: It all started when I came to America, almost three years ago, and I started modeling.

TDQ: You have come a long way from home. What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles and what’s something you miss from back home?

AA: America is the best partner to share dreams with and taste that idea about freedom. Los Angeles especially, feels like I live in a paradise, surrounded by artists who are interesting, passionate, brave to dream big and express themselves via their art. It is amazing, feels like home to me. But at the same time I grew up in Russia and I love my country. It is beautifully sad and hard to understand, but very special. I miss the smell of a Russian spring after a long, dark winter. And the people, they are noisy and crazy but they have big hearts.

TDQ: I read that you will be playing alongside Keanu Reeves in the movie The Bad Batch. Can you tell us a bit what that movie is about and what it is your character’s motive in the movie?

Alina Aliluykina (Image Credit: Isaac Sterling)

AA: All I can say at this moment is that it is a crazy cannibal love story. I am very excited about the film. Coming 2016!

TDQ: Aside from being an actress and model, you’re a singer as well! A triple threat! Do you have any plans to create an EP or release tracks through Soundcloud (or any other platform) at this point?

AA: I am getting ready to record my first album later this month. It was not an easy decision for me, even though I have been singing, performing and playing the piano my whole life. Music is a very intimate and very pure thing, to frame it and make it work in the industry is a big decision. But I am finally ready and I want to inspire people and celebrate life and go through life (sometimes it gets very tough) together.

TDQ: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

AA: Creating art and serving people who need help.

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Alina Alilukykina for taking the time chat! To find out more about Aliluykina, you can follow her on Instagram. Stay tuned to catch her in her new movie The Bad Batch!

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