An Open Letter to Anthropologie

(Image Credit: Anthropologie)

(Image Credit: Anthropologie)

Dear Anthrolpologie,

Um, yes, hi. Hello.

Not to be too forward or anything, but I basically love you. And I think it might be accurate for me to say that my love is borderline obsession, but unlike many people who develop obsessions over time, this kind of happened overnight.

Okay, instantly. It was an instantaneous connection from me casually seeing your storefronts from time to time and never going in, to being full on in fashion heaven with your clothing.

My obsession began after I discovered this gorgeous article of clothing on a mannequin in your storefront while shopping in Charlotte recently (this picture does not do it justice… it’s stunning in person!), and when I walked in to your store I was so upset I had never once walked in to your stores before this moment. For years I’ve been struggling with defining my style. I knew I was missing something from my wardrobe but had never been successful in figuring out what it was – until now.

Now, I recognize that Anthropologie is my style. I seriously don’t hate anything in your store. Everything is wonderful. My only qualm with you is your prices. Man oh man, let me tell you there is a serious internal struggle happening with this.

So let’s recap and expand upon a moment from two paragraphs ago:

  1. I was shopping in Charlotte and discovered your skirt hanging beautifully on a mannequin.
  2. I decided I needed to see how much this skirt was because I needed to own it.
  3. I sashayed my way into your store, and when I approached the rack with the skirts on it I died on the inside. The skirt was $188.

I knew my poor, broke self did not have the money to drop $188 on one article of clothing. Which is sad, because I didn’t know I needed you in my life until I realized just how good you were. Now, I’m on a mission to determine how I can justify to my husband that $188 on a skirt (that is probably dry clean only) is a sound fashion investment.

Which means for now I will spend countless hours gazing upon your wonderful selection of clothing (and home decor, and accessories, and your partner sites) through the internet or browsing the racks at a local store, hoping that one day there will be a sale, or a need for me to invest in a credit card. The sale definitely sounds safer.

Until we meet again, my fashion soul mate.



A broke (but not defeated) Anthropologie obsessed girl

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