An Interview with Jewelry Designer Jane Basch

An Interview with Jewelry Designer Jane Basch

In the midst of the craze and bustle that was New York Fashion Week 2014, Jane Basch stood gracefully beside her showcase of beautifully designed jewelry, doing what she does best—making it personal. She connected with each and every guest at the event, making you really feel the bright energy that is Jane Basch Jewelry Designs, her brand of precious, personalized jewelry.

I had the opportunity to meet her then, and was able to catch up with her again before this year’s fall fashion festivities begin.

Jane Basch has been designing in the jewelry and fashion industry for 30 years as a continuation of her father-in-law’s company, started in 1943. Years later, Basch made it a brand. She specializes in personalized pieces and her entire collection is American-made.

“What we do is beautiful; it makes people happy,” Basch answered when asked why she chose to create the brand.

Her whole philosophy is about finding something fun and whimsical that is a reflection of you.

“If you look at the jewelry that people wear, they have some sort of connection to it—an emotional connection,“ Basch said, “Jewelry really is an emotionally provoking accessory.”

Personalized jewelry has always been in style, but it has become particularly popular recently. Celebrities – men and women alike – have been seen sporting precious metals reading everything from  initials, names, signs or symbols, and even fun images. We were able to hear first hand about what will be trending in jewelry for the fall and winter seasons.

“Currently, the big thing that we are seeing are the Y necklaces; the stacked bracelets continue, and the monograms are still huge.” Basch said.

We talked NYFW for a bit and I picked her brain about what she thinks we will be seeing on the runways.

“I know what we’ll see on the runways,” Basch explained in regard to accessories. “We’ll either see none or they’re huge! There’s very little in between. You rarely see anyone walking with, say, a small pendant.  It’s always this monster piece, and then we all try to figure out, how do we take this style and turn it into a wearable piece!” Basch laughed.

I asked Basch what advice she may have for hopeful designers looking to pursue their dream career in the industry.

“You have to love what you do and then let go. A lot of what we do is luck, but a lot of it is perseverance,” Basch said. “You need a lot of tenacity to really stick through it. Just put blinders on and go.”

Basch admits that a day in the life of a jewelry designer isn’t easy, but the reward is so gratifying. The day-to-day activities of marketing, designing, developing, and preparing for big meetings and events keep her and the team very busy, but she stays humble. She explains that even reading an email from a customer praising Jane Basch Designs puts it all in great perspective. “That’s why I do this”, Basch said with a heartfelt tone. “Giving that piece of joy to someone really makes me feel good.”

For more on Jane Basch Designs visit

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