An Interview with Celebrity Chef Vikki Krinsky

Chef Vikki Krinsky (Image Credit: Jesse DeYoung)

Chef Vikki Krinsky (Image Credit: Jesse DeYoung)

Vikki Krinsky stars in the new CBS series Recipe Rehab and is personal chef to multi-hyphenate celebrity Seth MacFarlane.  She’s confident, she’s healthy, and she’s living the life she’s always dreamed of- BUT it wasn’t her original game plan.

Krinsky was always big into athletics growing up and loved studying nutrition.  One day, a new opportunity came to her.  She had to make a life changing decision to continue on to college on a sports scholarship or to pursue a career in acting.  She chose the latter and signed on to film a TV series.  She always loved the idea of acting and it seemed like all the right doors were opening.  However, after arriving in LA, she began to feel the pressure of the Hollywood body image.

“People where constantly bringing up my body and I felt the pressure; I felt very unprepared for it all.” Krinsky said.

Krinsky was a series regular on two different TV shows before moving to Los Angeles to start taking on more roles.

“I moved to LA for a movie and that’s when I really got this new phase of body image and what it meant to be auditioning in LA,” Krinsky said. ”I was told to lose weight by producers, and my weight and image became such a focal point in my day that the pressure just became too much and I decided to walk away.”

Although Krinksy loved acting, she called it quits and decided to do some traveling to really find her passion in life.

“I wanted to get back into studying nutrition and I decided to backpack through Europe.  I met a chef on the train in Paris, and, honest to God, that was a very fateful day—from then on cooking became a huge passion of mine,” Krinsky said.

We’ll never know the full details of the conversation Krinsky had on the train that day, but it is something many of us hope for– feeling that click of “I know what I’m meant to be doing.”

Ever since that day, Krinsky has been living out her true passion in cooking healthy, nutritious meals.

Krinsky started in the restaurant world under Chef Neal Fraser.  “He was an incredible mentor,” Krinsky said.  “But after working 16 hour days I knew I’d much rather work in someone’s home and prepare personal meals rather than working the restaurant life.”

Krinsky is dedicated to cooking healthy, nutritious meals based on her clients’ needs and she loves to get creative with simple ingredients. She is now personal chef to Seth Macfarlane, which she describes as amazing.

“Seth’s favorite meal is breakfast and it just so happens to be the most important meal of the day,” Krinsky said about her daily routine as a private chef.  “I always look for new, fun ways to transform eggs into something creative.”

Chef Vikki Krinsky (Image Credit: Jesse DeYoung

Chef Vikki Krinsky (Image Credit: Jesse DeYoung

Because of her dedication to nutrition, it’s no surprise that one of her favorite ingredients to use are chia seeds. “I love them, and I use them a lot,” she admitted. “ I also go through pounds of spinach—I sneak it in everywhere!”

Krinsky is known as ‘The Athletic Chef” for all of these reasons.  On Recipe Rehab, she is no different.  On the show, Krinsky works to transform some of America’s favorite comfort foods into healthy and nutritious versions.

“We’ll do dishes like macaroni and cheese; we won’t stray far from the usual ingredients, we just show ways to add nutrition and keep it healthy.”

Krinsky also gave us some professional tips on what to eat more of and what to stay away from.

“Vegetables; I think people have really come around to eating more vegetables but I would love to see restaurants dial it back with the oil, maybe just steaming them or having them raw.  I don’t think vegetables get enough credit in the culinary world without doing too much prep to them.”

And as for things to stay away from –“There’s a huge misconception that things labeled low fat or fat free are better for you but that just means there are other things in there that aren’t good for you like tons of sugar.” Krinsky said, “I prefer whole fats but just in moderation. Portion size is everything.”

To see how you can transform your meals and for everyday cooking tips – catch Recipe Rehab on CBS and follow Vikki Krinksy on Twitter and Instagram.

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