Cast Catch-Up: The Former Cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

GREY'S ANATOMY (Image Credit: ABC)

GREY’S ANATOMY (Image Credit: ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy is home to some of the most beloved characters on television. As any true fan knows, it’s a dangerous thing to love and invest yourself into any of the characters because there’s a good chance they’ll end up dead or move to Switzerland. I will forever cherish the days of Cristina and Meredith’s sisterhood, George O’Malley’s death is something I still cannot talk about and I still cry when someone mentions Derek Shepherd. With the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy’s 12th season starting, it’s the perfect time to catch up with some of our favorite former doctors!

Patrick Dempsey

Since leaving Grey’s *weeps* Dempsey has kept up with his racing passion, coming in 2nd at Frances’ Le Mans in June. He recently signed on to be a part of Bridget Jones’s Baby the third installment in the Bridget Jones series. According to this Instagram post they’ve already started work on the movie! I will be counting down the days until he’s back on my screens!

Sandra Oh

After departing the show at the end of Season 10, Oh joined the cast of Death and the Maiden, a play in Chicago. The play ran through July 20 of this year, and she’s taken some well-deserved time off following the closing. One thing to look forward to is Oh saying that she would be more than open to coming back for the eventual series finale of Grey’s!

Eric Dane

When Mark Sloan was first introduced, he was a character that I wanted to be killed off immediately, and now that he’s gone I wish every episode that he was still around. The departure of his humor, snarky comments and, of course, his face left a huge hole in the show. Dane is currently starring in TNT’s The Last Ship, which just ended its second season. The show was renewed for a third season in August, so if you need your fix of Dane he’ll be coming back to your screens soon!

Chyler Leigh

After Lexie died in the plane crash at the end of Season 8, Leigh has kept busy! She starred in the NBC action-comedy Taxi Brooklyn which was cancelled after one season. More recently, she’s starring in the highly anticipated CBS series Supergirl which is premiering Monday, Oct. 26 at 8:30 p.m.!

Kim Raver

Teddy wasn’t on the show for long, but her character came in like a wrecking ball and had a lasting impact on both Cristina and Owen. Since her days on Grey’s Anatomy, Raver has been in the television series Revolution and she also starred in the 24 reboot, 24: Live Another Day as Audrey Boudreau!

Katherine Heigl

Heigl had a very long and drawn out exit from Grey’s with Izzie getting cancer, almost dying, getting married and surviving just to leave her new husband and all of her friends behind. There were a lot of controversies surrounding Heigl’s exit, but since leaving the show she’s certainly done enough work! She’s starred opposite Ashton Kutcher, Josh Duhamel, Gerard Butler, Jason O’Mara and Robert De Niro, just to name a few. She also had the lead role in NBC’s State of Affairs, which was cancelled after one season. You can look forward to seeing Heigl in the television movie Doubt as well as the movie Unforgettable which are both currently filming!

T.R. Knight

George’s death is still one of the most pivotal moments of Grey’s Anatomy, in my opinion. I will never forget the breath that I lost when he traced “007” onto Meredith’s hand before being taken into surgery. Since leaving, he’s starred in Broadway shows such as Parade, A Life in the Theatre and most recently, It’s Only a Play. He also had a guest-starring role on the CBS hit series The Good Wife, and is currently filming 11/22/63, a miniseries produced by Hulu about the assassination of President Kennedy, and based on a novel written by Stephen King.

Kate Walsh

Walsh left Grey’s Anatomy in a much different fashion than the rest, with her own spinoff, Private Practice lasting six seasons before she decided to leave the show for good. After Private Practice ended in 2013, she’s been seen in FX’s Fargo, and starred in NBC’s comedy Bad Judge which was recently cancelled after just one season. If you’re in need of some Walsh in your life, I would recommend following her on any social media, she has some hysterical posts and some really cute animal pictures!

Isaiah Washington

Arguably the most controversial exit from Grey’s, Washington left the show after Season 3 following reports that he came to blows with T.R. Knight and Patrick Dempsey. Since leaving the show he’s had roles in multiple movies and a couple television shows. He’s currently starring in The 100 which is filming its third season for The CW!

Grey’s Anatomy has been a great place for a lot of actors to launch their careers, and many of these actors are no exceptions! If you’re a superfan like me, it lessens the pain of their characters deaths just a little bit knowing that I can still catch them on my screens! Be sure to watch the Season 12 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. on ABC!



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