Featured: DIY Colorblock Scratching Post by A Beautiful Mess



I love cats. I have two of my own and I want more. I want all the cats, but my husband won’t let me. That being said, I do get to spend a lot of time doting on my cats. I like to buy them all the things they want – or rather, what I think they want – but it gets expensive. Cat towers and scratching posts start at $50 USD on the low end and can get very pricey very quickly. And, worse yet, if you try to build your own it can get really complicated. Unless you’re handy with a circular saw and a drill, it’s too much for the average cat lover to tackle.

That’s why I am so delighted to have found this DIY Colorblock Scratching Post from A Beautiful Mess. Three reasons I love this DIY: 1. It’s super cute, 2. It’s super easy and 3. It’s super inexpensive. All you need is two pieces of wood, some sisal rope, some dye (in the colors of your choosing) and a plastic post topper and you’ve got everything you need to make this adorable scratching post. Plus, the possibilities are endless on color options, and if you wanted to do two colors or 12 (if you’re feeling adventurous) you could!

The only negative I can see is that it might just be too cute to let my cats destroy! Other than that though this is a perfect little weekend project that anyone can do. Plus, it’s totally easy on your wallet, which should make even the broke college kids rejoice.

So what are you waiting for fellow cat lovers? Get out there, get crafty and spoil your cats rotten!

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