Shadowhunters: What We Hope the New ‘The Mortal Insturments’ Show Gets Right

SHADOWHUNTERS (Image Credit: ABCFamily)

SHADOWHUNTERS (Image Credit: ABCFamily)

Cassandra Clare fans around the world felt the sting of betrayal when 2013’s The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was released in theaters…and then belly flopped. Big time. But now, the tale of a group of demon-fighting warriors and the teenage girl who gets thrown smack into the center of their world is getting a second chance at life with ABC Family’s Shadowhunters, set to premiere in early 2016.

And where the film went wrong, the tv series has the opportunity to do everything right, since it’s a full on reboot of Clary Fray’s story. Shadowhunters is wiping the slate clean, and here are some very important facts about the series that The Mortal Instruments fans came to know and love that the new series shouldn’t forget about.

The books were funny.

Yes, Clare wrote plenty of love, action, adventure and drama into her TMI series, but she didn’t lack in the humor department. Or the sarcasm. The movie forgot this fact by being too focused on writing a convincing love story for theater-goers. With Shadowhunters, it’s important to remember the wonderful one-liners and biting wit that made each character stand out in his or her own right. Let’s all really, really hope that some of Simon’s natural humor or Jace’s overwhelming confidence makes its small screen appearance.

Max Lightwood should not be forgotten!

Max Lightwood was one character that I was truly disappointed to see get left out of the 2013 movie, and thank goodness Shadowhunters decided not to do the same thing. Max rounded out the Lightwood family in Clare’s novels, and his character plays such an important role in furthering the story later on in the TMI series. Should Shadowhunters make it that far, it would have been devastating to be missing such a crucial player.

Valentine Morganstern should be scary, not stalkery.

TMI had such a great villain in Valentine that watching his disappointing appearance in the 2013 movie was liked walking into a brick wall of shame. (No offense to Jonathon Rhys Meyers. You could only work with what you were given.) Valentine is meant to be this pale-haired, attractive, unstable sociopath with an incredible ability to manipulate and terrify. In order for Shadowhunters to succeed, Alan Van Sprang needs to really personify all of the twisted characteristics that Valentine brings to the table. (Do this, and we can probably forgive and forget if the hair isn’t right.)

Focus outside of the Clary/Jace love story, please.

While Clary and Jace’s growing relationship is a huge part of TMI, Shadowhunters needs to be about more than a love story. It should be about the eradication of a race. Of things that go bump in the night. Of ancient traditions and an entire world of magic that has never been explored before. Shadowhunters needs to realize that there is so much more going on than boy-falls-for-girl. (Except please, please for the love of all that is sacred give us Malec and Sizzy because they are too adorable for this world.) Also, please not that the women of TMI are badass and deserve a lot of respect. Don’t make them sex symbols/weaklings. They deserve better than love interests.

Don’t make the story about something it isn’t.

I understand, showrunners, that you can’t stick to everything that was laid out in Clare’s novels. There will be differences, and I promise to be (mostly) okay with that. But don’t change huge plot points to satisfy advertising needs or branding issues. TMI, and by extension, Shadowhunters is what it is. You wouldn’t have found interest in the story in the first place if there wasn’t already something great to be found. Let Shadowhunters tell its own story, and everything else will work itself out.

So what are you excited to see when ABC Family debuts Shadowhunters? Or should I say, what do you demand to see when it airs? Let us know in the comments below!

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