What We’ve Been Watching: October 2015

THE AFFAIR (Image Credit: Mark Schafer/Showtime)

THE AFFAIR (Image Credit: Mark Schafer/Showtime)

Here at The Daily Quirk we don’t just write about television- we watch it too… and lots of it! Check back each month to find out which shows have us laughing, crying and glued to our screens.

The Affair – Showtime

The Affair just came back for it’s second season and I am very impatiently waiting for more. The story this season is focusing on what happens after the affair has already taken place, and it tells the story through the perspectives of all four people involved. It’s so intriguing and manages to keep me on my feet without having some overly dramatic cliff hangers! – Sydney Braga


Workaholics– Hulu

I was sick this weekend after getting the flu shot and needed something to occupy my attention while I laid in bed for 3 days. Workaholics turned out to be the perfect show. Three adult men acting like children in an office. It made me laugh so hard I forgot about my illness induced misery. 10/10, would recommend. – Bryton McNeese


My Big Fat Fabulous Life – TLC

I’m a little biased, but basically I love My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The star, Whitney Thore, is from my hometown and used to be a radio producer on the morning show I listened too. I feel like I know her, and her family is the sweetest. She is so inspirational, and is inspiring women across the country to love themselves which is such a great thing. And if you just can’t get behind this show for Whitney and her shenanigans, then watch it for Babs. That woman is hilarious and so southern it’ll blow your mind. – Chelsie Skroback


Sex and the City – Amazon Prime

I’ve never watched the full series straight through but I’m going on a three day Sex and the City bender. I’m obsessed and a total Samantha with a mix of Carrie. If only I had the clothes and shoes she has… – Tara Robinson


The Mindy Project – Hulu

The day Hulu saved The Mindy Project from premature cancellation should be a worldwide holiday. Mindy on Hulu isn’t a whole lot different than Mindy on Fox – they can get by with a bit racier dialogue and slightly longer episodes, but my favorite part is that I can now enjoy the entirety of the opening theme song in every episode instead of the sad shortened version that always ran on Fox. – Mallory Walker


The Strain – FX

I’m halfway through the second season of The Strain, and I’m still not sure if I like the show or not. Obviously, there’s something that’s kept me coming back to watch more, but I’m not sure if it’s a genuine interest or more of “I must see how this train finally derails” syndrome. Either way, I’ll be watching at least until the end of this season. – Ashley Gebhardt


Girl Meets World – Disney Channel

Ask me how many times I watched “Girl Meets Rileytown.” TOO MANY TIMES. It’s seriously my favorite episode of all time and I kid you not, I watch it every single day and I still cry to it every single time. I know the show is aimed towards teenagers and whatnot but they do have some references to Boy Meets World. I’m on top of my Girl Meets World knowledge so please excuse me while I freak out over the three-part ‘Girl Meets Texas’ because I am so team Riley/Lucas. – Ashley Bulayo


The Walking Dead – AMC

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. The Walking Dead is such an amazing show with an amazing cast and crew. The directors, writers, producers, actors, makeup artists… everyone is amazing. I’ve heard people say there are episodes that don’t have enough action but those are some of my favorite episodes. Those are the ones we get to see a real story build and we get to know the characters for who they are. – Hannah Foureman

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