VIDEO: An Interview with ‘Mr. Robot’ Creator Sam Esmail

Sam Esmail for MR. ROBOT (Image Credit: Mike Coppola/USA)

Sam Esmail for MR. ROBOT (Image Credit: Mike Coppola/USA)

The Daily Quirk caught up with Mr. Robot Creator Sam Esmail at New York Comic-Con and we’re bringing you an exclusive interview! If you have been living under a rock this summer, here’s a spoiler free rundown of the premise- Mr. Robot follows cyber-security tech by day and hacker by night Elliot (Rami Malek), whose life spins out of control when he finds himself involved with an underground hacker group trying to take down the very corporation the security firm he works for has been hired to protect. The hit USA drama has had viewers and critics alike singing its praises, and those of the man responsible for creating Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail. Watch the video below to find out what Esmail had to say about the jawdropping Season 1 finale, and what fans can expect when Mr. Robot returns for Season 2!

Reporting & Pre-Production by George Gebhardt | Camera by Sean Torenli | Production by Nick Slotten | Written Content & Pre-Production by Ashley Gebhardt
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