New Bumble Dating App Puts the Ball in the Ladies’ Court

(Image Credit: Moxco Inc.)

(Image Credit: Moxco Inc.)

Alright all my single ladies. It has happened. Technology has put the ball in our court!

You’re probably thinking, “What in the world is she talking about?” Well, let me explain. The other day I was watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Noah’s guest was Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe. At first, I had no idea who she was and what Bumble even meant but after Noah explained she’s a co-founder of the hit app Tinder… it all made sense. On the show, Wolfe was promoting her brand new app, Bumble, which is a bit like Tinder… but with a twist!

The Bumble dating app is still the same “swipe left, swipe right” deal, but the only catch is that if you and another person happen to both swipe right and find one another attractive, it is the women who have at least 24 hours to strike up a conversation via the app. This takes the pressure off guys who feels as if they need to make the first move. It’s the 21st century ladies! Wolfe is basically telling us, “You can get up the courage to send one measly message.” Anyway, once the 24 hour mark expires, the match disappears from your feed as if the mutual attraction never existed!

Being the curious person I am, the interview on The Daily Show got me interested and I downloaded the app. It was pretty easy to get used to because, I will admit, I had a Tinder account. That was fun while it lasted until I received those really uncomfortable messages from guys who looked attractive but didn’t seem to know how to talk to a woman. (Granted, most people use it as a booty call app so… there’s that)

The setup of the app is pretty much the same as Tinder. You connect your account with your Facebook page so you can grab those photos, but the plus side? You don’t have to stick with the images you have posted on Facebook and can grab some off your phone. I don’t know about you but I don’t post every single flattering photo of me on Facebook. You can still add in your own bio, but the thing I thought was kind of weird is that you have to list what schools you went to. You have a preference to show your high school or college and there’s no way to take that out. For me, when I see someone who went to one of the same schools as me, I just think, “Why have I never seen you on campus?”

Fast forward to the swiping left and right. I found someone who swiped right on me! Dun dun dun. Here goes the part where I actually have to do something about it. OK. In real life, unless I have something really cool to say, I generally don’t make the first move or talk first. I just don’t like talking in general sometimes so that is probably why I’m still single, but whatever. I typed something anyway. It was something along the lines of commenting on one of his photos. It’s been day three. No response.

Damn. So this is what it’s like to be a guy? You’re sitting there wondering whether or not you should have started the conversation the way you did or you’re regretting whatever you typed and wishing the match would just expire so you don’t have to see your mistakes again. I’m still swiping and trying this thing out but I’d like to give Whitney Wolfe a round of applause for pushing shy women to get out of their comfort zones. Ladies! I say you try it out. Just once at least. If you didn’t know what it’s like already, I challenge you to see how it feels to be pressured to say something or else the time will literally slip through your fingers. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

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