What We’ve Been Listening To: October 2015

What We've Been Listening To: October 2015

What We’ve Been Listening To: October 2015

Looking for a little something new to add to your go-to playlist? Wondering what tunes we can’t stop playing on repeat? We’ve got you covered! Check out what we’ve been listening to this month for music recommendations from your friends at The Daily Quirk. Happy Listening!

Sundress by Tiny Moving Parts

This is the first song off the punk/math-rock Pleasant Living Album, and it comes out swinging! The singer’s lyrics are always heartfelt, relaxed, and also poetic – I’m not going to lie, I’ve teared up listening to some Tiny Moving Parts. If you’re at all interested in punk rock or a song to jump and shout along with, look no further than Sundress. Doug Patrick


Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne

Stop everything you are doing and listen to this song right now. It’s a shame this song has been on YouTube since February of this year and I’m just now hearing it on my Pandora station. This song makes me want to get up, grab my hair brush and sing at the top of my lungs. It’s super catchy, and if it doesn’t have your foot tapping and head bobbing by the end, I recommend you listen to it again but this time at a higher volume. Repeat as needed. Chelsie Skroback


Bad Blood by Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ album puts a totally different spin on most of the songs, and his interpretation of Bad Blood is much more haunting and melancholy than Taylor’s (fantastic in its own right) sassy version.Mallory Walker


Steps by Handsome Ghost

I rediscovered my love for this duo. I first saw them opening for Børns and I was obsessed but here I am again. They’re currently on tour with Melanie Martinez and unfortunately, I won’t be attending but I do urge anyone and everyone to check out this group.Ashley Bulayo


Downtown by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I love this song for one reason and one reason only…. Eric Nally. His voice is a mix of Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. Also I absolutely love his band Foxy Shazam. Now go listen to this song and download Foxy’s albums after. You can thank me later. Tara Robinson


On My Mind by Ellie Goulding

I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s so relatable, and that rocker electropop sound is totally empowering while still being a vulnerable song. It also shows the complexities of heartbreak because why the hell do we continue to think about someone even though they are not at all who we thought they were? Woooo, and that line, “You don’t mess with love, you mess with the truth.” This girl is hitting all the right notes. The truth always comes out, and my truth is that I’m loving this song because it is universal, fun, and kick-ass.Lillie Aspostolos


Paper Hearts by Silver Trees

I found this song via Spotify on my weekly “Discover” playlist and the first day it popped up I listened to it about five times before I could move on to the next track. I’m a sucker for moody, singer-songwriter stuff in general, but there’s something about this song that really sticks with me. Maybe it’s the writing analogy the song is based around, or maybe it’s how accurately it conveys how fragile love can be in the simplest of terms, “We try to tell a story, we write each other into our lives, but after all it’s all just as thin as paper hearts.” Ashley Gebhardt


Symphonies by Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi.

This song is consistently being played on repeat. It’s basically my song to help start my day in a more relaxing nature. Randy V. Jean


Lime St. by Neck Deep

I have had Neck Deep’s recently released album Life’s Not Out to Get You on repeat for weeks. They are currently on tour with All Time Low and Sleeping with Sirens and I will be seeing them in San Antonio this coming Sunday. I’m so stoked! – Bryton McNeese


Levels by Nick Jonas

Oh Nick Jonas, you’ve done it again. Levels is super catchy and has been stuck in my head for about a week now. The minute it comes on I have to drop everything and dance it out. Sydney Braga

Listen to the full playlist below on Spotify, and check back next month for more music recommendations!

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