Quirky Item of the Week: RoboMustache

(Image Credit: RoboMustache)

(Image Credit: RoboMustache)

If you are easily derailed and excited by cuteness, this warning is for you. Proceed with caution, because what you are about to witness is by far the cutest thing in the world.

You’ve been warned.

I want to say I “stumbled across” these adorable robots, but that’d be a lie. I think the more appropriate phrase would be “fell head over heels” for these robots and now my life is complete. After discovering their sheer ability to make me smile, I’ve set out on a quest to share these creations with everyone I know.

These robots are made by an up and coming company called RoboMustache, and you order them in individual kits that you have to assemble yourself. There are five different personalities that can be created, like Less Than Three and Helper Bot, and they come in two distinct colors – blonde and amber. Both the colors are great, so be prepared to buy one of each color. As far as putting them together, it’s not all that complicated – and that’s coming from someone who isn’t all that great at building stuff (seriously, I struggle with Legos on occasion).

Once it’s put together, you have this adorable robot friend that fits perfectly into any scenario – your cubicle, dorm room, bedside table or in your car as your adorable passenger. They make wonderful gifts for all ages and all occasions, and are perfect for anyone who needs a little happiness. And the best part is, you can change them any way you want too! Want to stain the wood, paint it, color it with sharpies? Go for it, because Robomustache encourages you to be creative!

Currently, Less Than Three and the other robots are not being mass produced, but you can learn more about them at Robo Mustache, or follow RoboMustache on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on their progress. A KickStarter is slated to start sometime in November, and those who contribute will have the opportunity to bring home one or all the styles of robots!

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