The Best of Instagram: On-Set Edition!

I am a seasoned professional at getting so involved in a TV show that I find myself looking for more before the next episode. Behind-the-scenes pictures and videos always seem to do the trick! Social media is always the first place I turn when I’m looking for some juicy info on my favorite shows. These fabulous television stars give us everything we need and more when it comes to snapping pics on-set!

Found a bts photo from 501 #scandal

A photo posted by Tom Verica (@realtomverica) on Sep 29, 2015 at 12:26pm PDT

// Verica@realtomverica If you don’t know who Tom Verica is, it’s time you find out. If you watch How to Get Away with Murder you would know him as Sam, the husband of Annalise Keating who gets killed in Season 1. When he’s not playing a dead husband to Viola Davis, he’s an executive producer and occasional director on Scandal. Verica always seems to be working and shares the wealth with all of us Gladiators! His “#PeepingTom” posts allow us all to get a peek at what they’re working on!    


Matt McGorry@mattmcgorry

When you follow Matt McGorry you get a two-for-one! Not only do you get hysterically funny posts all the time, but he posts from behind the scenes of both How to Get Away with Murder and Orange is the New Black! Even if you’re not interested in either of those shows I would highly recommend following him anyway, because he is downright hysterical.

// Bush@sophiabush Sophia Bush is constantly posting all kinds of photos on her Instagram. If you’re a fan of Chicago PD you should definitely check it out! She posts pictures from the set all the time, and even occasionally throws in a TBT from her days on One Tree Hill!

HUMANS!!! #MadamSecretary comes back October 4, but you can catch up with the McCords now on @Netflix! A photo posted by Tim Daly (@timmydaly) on Sep 14, 2015 at 11:47am PDT


Tim Daly@timmydaly

Humans! (You’ll understand if you follow Daly…) He posts some great BTS pics straight from the set of his show Madam Secretary! Fans of the show are usually frustrated because it always gets pushed back for the oh-so-important football. Daly’s posts will help calm your anger as you wait!

What a pleasure to direct this beauty, this talent. Thank you thank you thank you @charayro #bravebeauty

A photo posted by Mariska Hargitay (@therealmariskahargitay) on Nov 10, 2015 at 8:06pm PST


Mariska Hargitay@therealmariskahargitay

I don’t know many people who don’t like Law & Order: SVU! Hargitay has been on the show since day one and must have an incredible stash of behind-the-scenes photos from years past. Between the A-list guest stars and crossover episodes, Hargitay’s Instagram has no shortage of goodies for the SVU fan!

I love a good look into the world of a television show and these celeb accounts are definitely a great place to start! If you have a favorite celeb that posts great on-set photos let us know in the comments!

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