Quirky Item of the Week: ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Cuckoo Clock

(Image Credit: Bradford Exchange)

(Image Credit: Bradford Exchange)

When I first saw The Nightmare Before Christmas as a kid, it terrified me. Thankfully, I’ve gotten over that fear, and now, the movie is one of my favorites. I’m sure all you fellow The Nightmare Before Christmas fans have heard about the new memorabilia at Hot Topic, but Bradford Exchange has something unique you should add to your collection: a The Nightmare Before Christmas cuckoo clock.

This clock has everything you could possibly want to celebrate your favorite movie. Figures of Jack and Sally stand on the front of the almost two foot tall clock, designed to look like the Town Hall clock in The Nightmare Before Christmas with Jack’s Tower sticking up too. Even more exciting, This is Halloween will play every hour while Zero pops out, which is definitely something I’d love seeing and hearing all the time. And did I mention it lights up?

Clearly, The Nightmare Before Christmas cuckoo clock from Bradford Exchange has everything a fan of the movie could possibly want. Buy it for yourself or for a friend, but whichever you do, buy it quick! Bradford Exchange is only doing a limited run of the clocks, and you don’t want to miss your window.


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