Featured DIY: Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish by DIY Candy

(Image Credit: DIY Candy)

(Image Credit: DIY Candy)

Alright ladies and gents. Marbled-anything is a popular trend right now; who’s with me? I’ve seen marbled shoe prints, marbled phone cases and marbled laptop cases! Now what if you could bring the marbled look to an item that holds one of our favorite things…COFFEE! Best thing about it? It’ll cost you less than $5.

The lovely folks over at DIY Candy have an amazing DIY in store for all of us that will make great stocking stuffers or decoration for your house! Seriously. All you need is nail polish (which you probably already own), mugs you can probably buy from the dollar store, a toothpick, and an old container lying around your house. OK, you know how in the previous paragraph I mentioned that it’ll cost you less than $5? This will also take you less than five minutes to even make.

Head on over to DIY Candy to learn how you can create your own marbled mug!

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