Essena O’Neill: Social Media is Not Real

Essena O’Neill: Social Media is Not RealRecently the internet has been blowing up about Essena O’Neill quitting social media. She deleted her very popular Tumblr page and edited many of the captions of her pictures on Instagram.

For example, in this picture on Instagram, the model wrote about being paid to promote a tanning product and how appearance on social media is deceiving and should not be something to strive for.

She also posted a 12 minute video on Vimeo explaining why she decided to quit social media. She says that followers and likes cause insecurity and leads to never being satisfied with yourself.

There have been two sides responding to O’Neill’s message this week. Some applaud her and support her advocating for people to stop viewing social media as if it’s realistic because a lot of work and effort goes into those pictures and often they are the opposite of natural. On the other hand, critics of the model have been slamming her, as they believe this whole ordeal involving the model is just a publicity stunt in order to gain more popularity. Whether they are right about O’Neill’s intentions or not is unclear, but the model has definitely gained more followers on her Instagram and YouTube account.

However, if young and impressionable girls and boys see O’Neill’s message and realize that their worth is not measured by their appearance, followers, or likes on social media, then her anti-social media campaign will have accomplished a step in the right direction.

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