The Top 5 People Dominating Vine

The Top 5 People Dominating VineHow often have you been scrolling Tumblr or Twitter and seen a Vine star that you know you’ve seen more than once? I know I personally find myself scrolling through Vine when I can’t sleep and next time I look up, it’s 2 a.m. For six-second videos, they sure can take up a lot of your attention! Even if you’ve never even opened the Vine app, there is a high chance you’ve seen or heard of these five Vine stars.

  1. Lele Pons

Lele Pons was the first Vine star to surpass a billion loops. The Miami-based star coined the phrase “Do it for the Vine!” which involves ridiculous activities like pieing a police officer or getting in the back of a random truck. Most of her Vines include her trying to get a boyfriend and how difficult it is to be a girl.

  1. Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is known for his clean and family friendly Vines. Besides his Stitch and Stewie impressions, he very rarely alludes to anything pop culture related and is a breathe of fresh air when everyone is doing very similar things. Sanders is famous for his Storytime! Vines which entail him narrating a stranger’s life and them reacting to him.

  1. King Bach

Bach is a Vine star that has probably benefited the most from his popularity on the app. He has made Vines with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Tyga and Kendell and Kylie Jenner. He has also landed roles on TV shows like The Mindy Project and Wild ‘n Out. His Vines usually revolve around unfaithful relationships and jokes with his friends.

  1. The Gabbie Show

Like a lot of Vine stars, Gabbie focuses on relationships and lack thereof. But she is still hilarious and includes her friends and fellow Vine stars Jessi Smiles and Axl James. If thousands of six-second videos of Gabbie isn’t enough for you, she also works for Buzzfeed and has a weekly Youtube show called Just Between Us.

  1. Meechonmars

Honestly, no one on this list makes me laugh as hard as Meech. All his Vines are pretty random. They cover friends, relationships, and parents. All in all, it’s not hard to find a video by Meech that you can relate to and laugh at. Meech definitely falls under the not family friendly category, especially when his friend and fellow Vine star Dope Island is involved.

Like Twitter and Instagram, Vine is the perfect app for self-expression and time wasting. So next time you can’t sleep or need a laugh – download the Vine app! And be sure to subscribe to the top five mentioned here because you can’t go wrong with them as you delve further into the world that is Vine.

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