TV Character Breakups that Broke Us

(Image Credit: WB)

(Image Credit: WB)

How often do you get invested in a show and the characters you know belong together? And when they finally get together you cheer and bask in the glow of their new love. And then a couple episodes or seasons later something dramatic happens that breaks up your favorite couple, and all you’re left with a sense of emptiness. Here are just a few examples of TV shows with heartbreaking splits.


  1. Elena and Stefan – The Vampire Diaries

After four seasons of love and confusion, Elena and Stefan finally break up after he confronts her about her feelings for his brother, Damon. Elena spent her summer searching for Stefan after he turned off his humanity, and as a result spent a lot of time with Damon and eventually fell for him. This was a disaster for the people that prefer Stefan’s charm and humor over Damon’s bad attitude and sarcasm.


  1. Rory and Dean – Gilmore Girls


In a very similar situation, Rory and Dean break up at the annual Stars Hollow Dance Marathon when Dean decides he can no longer ignore Rory’s obvious infatuation with the town bad boy, Jess. Rory cries at a bridge but is comforted by Jess when they finally admit their feelings for each other. Some people still haven’t gotten over the fact that Rory gave up Dean’s loyalty and floppy hair.


  1. Jess and Nick – New Girl


After two seasons of building a friendship and realizing they want more, we finally got to see Jess and Nick decide to be together. But just a season later, they break up when they realize all they have in common is their love for each other. Some fans were distraught that this meant one of them would have to move out of the apartment, but the two are still friends that get into crazy situations with their roommates.


  1. Carrie and Big – Sex and the City


These two probably break up more than anyone on television. Fear of commitment is the core issue of this relationship, and we see it time and time again. With each break up, the fans never knew if it would be the last. In the first movie, Big stands up Carrie at their wedding, but they reconcile. In the second movie, Carrie shares a kiss with her ex-boyfriend Aidan and confesses to Big out of guilt. Fans were sure this was the end of Carrie and Big. But he forgives her and demonstrates that their relationship can survive anything.


  1. The Doctor and Rose – Doctor Who

In Doctor Who, we see Rose share adventures and begin to trust the Ninth Doctor, but when he regenerates into the Tenth Doctor, fans began to support their relationship even more. However, in the season 2 finale, the Rose and The Doctor are separated by parallel universes, and viewers got to watch this heart wrenching separation. To make matters worse, we get to see the two say goodbye when The Doctor projects himself into Rose’s universe as a hologram. Rose has a breakdown and admits her love for The Doctor, and when he begins to reply, his projection is cut off, leaving viewers devastated and as heartbroken as Rose.


So there you have it; just a few examples of the heartbreak viewers endure while watching their favorite shows. So next time you’re rewatching them, be sure to remember these devastating splits and keep some tissues and chocolate nearby to comfort yourself and do your best to try to keep your faith in love alive.

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