How to Survive the Winter TV Hiatus

(Image Credit: chika_milan)

(Image Credit: chika_milan)

Winter is coming. No, not the season, as it already upon on us. I’m talking about the winter TV hiatus, a.k.a. the most annoying event to grace our screens until summer. This festering month of all Christmas movies all the time and endless reruns can be difficult for devoted TV viewers. And to make matters worse, it started early this year, with some shows going on hiatus around Thanksgiving rather than waiting until mid-December.

Because the winter hiatus will be longer this year, I wanted to make sure you were all prepared. Depending on your personality, there are a few ways you can survive this hiatus. Read on to find out how!

Binge Watcher

What better way to fill the gaping television-shaped hole in your life than with more television? Whether you stream episodes, watch DVDs or even visit a movie theater occasionally in order to force yourself out of the house, binge watching is one of the best ways to combat a television deficit. Just make sure you don’t use this time to catch up on this season’s shows. If you do that, you’ll only have more TV to mourn come June.

Social Butterfly

Unlike its summery counterpart, the winter TV hiatus is perfect for spending time with friends and family because it’s the holiday season. Both Christmas and New Years’ are coming up, so you can use that as an excuse for parties. Or if throwing parties isn’t your thing, simply gather friends for a low-key game night or hang out. If you’re really lucky, your friends are also suffering from the hiatus, and you can commiserate together.

Fan Girl/Guy

One of my favorite ways of enduring the winter hiatus is rewatching the shows I miss most. It’s guaranteed to be satisfying because it allows you to spend time with characters you love, even if the situations and plots are ones you’ve already seen. For twisty shows like How to Get Away With Murder or Quantico, rewatching will help you keep up with all the ridiculous plots. If rewatching isn’t your thing, try talking about the show with other people on social media or searching out fanfiction or fan art.


The key to a good hiatus is keeping yourself busy so you never miss your shows. Picking up a new hobby can be a great way to do that. Even better, if it’s something crafty, you can get everyone’s holiday gifts done in a jiff, or if it’s cooking/baking, you’ll have food for your holiday parties. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s something you enjoy or can learn quickly. Getting frustrated is not going to help you forget about the simple bliss of watching television.


A TV hiatus usually means I recover a few hours of downtime per night, and since I never seem to have enough time to read, I like to use the winter months to catch up on my book time. You can either visit the library or ask for books as presents. And if you watch a popular and long-lived show, like Doctor Who, you might just be able to find media tie-ins; books set in the same universe as your TV show.


Whichever of these personas fits you, make sure that you distract yourself over the winter TV hiatus. It’s the only way to keep yourself from missing your shows. But when that distraction inevitably doesn’t work, remember that the only good thing about the winter hiatus is that it isn’t as long as the summer one. All your favorite TV shows will be back before you know it!

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