Top 5 Awesome Gifts (For Any Occasion!) from Modcloth

(Image Credit: Modcloth)

(Image Credit: Modcloth)

I have done way too much online shopping in my day. Like, honestly, it’s a problem. But my shopping addiction aside, whenever a friend is struggling for Christmas or birthday gift ideas, I always send them to Modcloth. They have such a wide variety of items and there is always some kind of wonderful treasure you can find as a gift for a friend or a gift for yourself! So with Christmas almost upon us, here are just a few awesome gift ideas from Modcloth.

Whaled It! Measuring Cups

Do you have a friend or relative that’s just settling into a new house or apartment? It’s very likely that they’re also trying to settle into adulthood, but some things slip through the cracks – like buying the right curtains or kitchen tools that you don’t think of until you’re baking cookies at two in the morning. So maybe this Christmas be a great friend and get them these adorable and colorful whale tail shaped measuring cups. While functional, they are also so playful and cute. Adulthood won’t seem so bad as long as you’re still having fun, right?


Biking through Brussels Dress in Navy

Do you have someone in your life that is in love with the vintage style? Perhaps they are obsessed with Jessica Day’s wardrobe from the Fox show New Girl? Well, with a little research, they might be surprised to find out that a lot of her wardrobe comes from Modcloth! Whether it’s polka dots or Peter Pan collars, Modcloth has the vintage style dresses you are looking for. The dresses can be on the pricier side, such as this navy blue A-line dress that runs for $89.99. But if you really want to surprise a loved one, splurge on a dress or two from Modcloth.


Twine After Time Photo Hanger Kit

If you have a brother or sister that’s about to move into a dorm, this is the perfect gift for them. Dorms can be so dull, and what better way to spruce up a room than with pictures of your loved ones? This hanger kit is perfect for organizing your favorite photographs on your walls. And at $24.99, not that expensive! If you want to make your room a little more festive, grab some twinkle lights and string them around this kit for an ultra-awesome look that will have that dorm room feeling like home in no time.


Mittens Inspired by Kittens Convertible Gloves

The accessories category on Modcloth is unbelievable. Vintage sunglasses, cute and creative purses, and endless scarf options – how do you even begin to choose? If there’s a cat lover in your life, it’s very likely that they will fall in love with and greatly appreciate these adorable mittens as the colder months creep up on us, Besides, they have cat heads on them! What’s cuter than cats? The answer is nothing.


Gloaming Review Blanket

Have you ever opened a present to reveal a blanket and been upset about it? No, of course not! Blankets are the best present to get, because who doesn’t love pretty soft things you can wrap yourself up in? If you’re shopping for someone and are at a total loss for what to get them, you cannot go wrong with a blanket from Modcloth. There are so many patterns to choose from, you may be there for a while.


So there are just a few options to choose from as you scroll through Modcloth’s amazing selection. Whether it’s a dress, a pair of shoes, pillows, kitchen tools, or a necklace or two, you cannot go wrong with this creative and fun website. Your options are endless, and with the Christmas season coming up, it’s time to start scrolling!

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