Your Next Netflix Binge: ‘Master of None’

(Image Credit: Netflix)

(Image Credit: Netflix)

If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s binge watching TV shows. Seriously, it’s like Netflix was created with me in mind. Over the past year since I’ve been working from home and become a mom, I’ve managed to binge watch several shows, including some of the Netflix originals.

One of my favorites so far has been Aziz Ansari’s breakout hit, Master of None. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I started watching it or what it would even be about. I just knew I liked Aziz on Parks & Recreation and I’d be game to check out a show where he led the way.

And lead he does. From the get go he tackles real life situations and issues in a surprisingly believable way. The very first episode hit a huge nerve with me as a new mom since it’s a lot about how kids can change your life. The episode doesn’t beat around the bush at all and brings reality to the forefront about parenthood, adulthood and how all of your relationships change. All of this is covered in a serious manner with incredibly comedic overtones.

This show is a comedy. But there’s no laugh track, no forced jokes and nothing is your standard run-of-the-mill comedy. It’s fresh, it’s realistic and it’s eye opening. In the season’s ten episodes it manages to accurately portray an array of issues that young adults experience on the regular (dating, relationships with parents, career, diversity, etc).

What I’m saying here is that this show deserves your time. Each episode is only thirty minutes and packs a punch. It’s like watching a mini movie every time where some storylines carry over to other episodes while others are just there and stay with you.

So while all your shows are on hiatus, why not pick up a Netflix one that’s just waiting to be binge watched – like Master of None. You can thank me later.

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