Featured Recipe: Mini Cherry Pies by Adventuress

(Image Credit: adventuressheart)

(Image Credit: adventuressheart)

After seeing Adventuress’ recipe for Mini Cherry Pies, I wanted to declare them the official dessert for Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. And here’s why:

If orange is the new black, then pie is the new cake.

These little pies are made in a cupcake pan, but defy the conventional cupcake and create a hybrid – the cup-pie.

Just as their name suggests, they are absolutely adorable and look delicious! And, let’s be real, guys… Everyone has looked at a freshly baked pie and wanted to dig their fork right into the center of it, not stopping until all that’s left is the tin it was made in. Of course, few of us have actually done this (stop looking at me), but we have all wanted to at some point or another.

Well, with Adventuress’ recipe, you finally can – and with zero regret! (And with far less bloat, too.)

So next time you’re watching Piper Chapman (although you’re really watching because you love Taystee), get into the Orange is the New Black mindset with these Mini Cherry Pies! Let’s make this a thing.

Please check out the full recipe to learn how to make these awesome little treats or just to gawk at the pictures.

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