Why Men Should Give Yoga a Chance

(Image Credit: undrey)

(Image Credit: undrey)

Man, the stories are true in regards to yoga. It’s a complete workout that can kick your butt in more ways than one. Believe me, like most guys, I was one of those skeptics that thought yoga was geared more towards the “feminine” side and basically threw aside the benefits that participating in the activity could have for me. Like most men, I prefer taking the more “masculine” route by lifting weights and doing cardio because in my mind I thought, as a man, that’s the only way you can build yourself to get stronger. Jeez was I wrong…

After suffering from a back injury a while back (I have to remember to stretch more OFTEN), I was told by a physical therapist to cease any strenuous physical activity for a couple weeks. Now, if you knew me in a personal level you would know that’s not an option for me. I love to stay active, as I think it’s the best thing for your body to thrive in the vitality and longevity that fitness brings. So with that being said, sitting on my couch was not an option. This is where yoga came into play.

After pleading to my physical therapist about ways to stay in shape, he brought up the idea of yoga. It was funny because the way he said it was if he knew right off the bat I was going to say no. (He wasn’t wrong though; I’m a skeptic.) After hearing him out for a bit I decided to take his suggestion. I went out and bought a yoga mat and looked up a few videos on Youtube. It was then where I was introduced to Fightmaster yoga, with Lesley as the instructor, and then I fell in love with yoga. After a few yoga sessions, I can honestly say I’ve never felt my heart pound that hard repeatedly after any cardio session I’ve ever participated in.

Guys, trust me, yoga isn’t as taboo as you think it may be. I’ve learned to leave my comfort zone in order to try something that I thought wasn’t “masculine” enough. I personally believe that can be dangerous thinking, especially if we’re inhibiting ourselves from trying something new. So, calling out all men (who haven’t tried yoga yet) – I dare you to go out, buy a yoga mat and engage in the activity. I’ve already added it to my weekly routine. Try something new for once; it won’t hurt! At least not that much!

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