5 Reasons You Should Take a Nap

(Image Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds)

(Image Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds)

Napping is a time-honored tradition in kindergarten classrooms. After that, it usually falls by the wayside, but it definitely shouldn’t. Napping can be just as effective for adults as it is for children, and it comes with a ton of benefits including improved memory and mental stamina. With National Napping Day coming up in the next few months, it’s time to start practicing now.

Need some more convincing? Read on for the top five reasons you should take a nap today. You’ll be glad you did!


Napping can help improve your mood, especially when you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. If you find yourself tired, irritable and upset, it’s time to take a nap. After all, people put kids to bed when they get cranky, so why wouldn’t that work for adults? A nap can give you a more positive outlook on a situation and help you cope better with anxiety, leaving you feeling better about a situation in just a few short minutes.

Nix the Caffeine

A lot of people use coffee, soda or some other source of caffeine to help us get through the day, which isn’t always a great idea. Next time you find yourself reaching for a coffee boost, try a nap instead. Catching a few minutes of sleep can help you power through mid-afternoon grogginess, and it’s even more effective than caffeine. Plus, the alertness from a nap lasts much longer than a temporary caffeine high.

Stress Reduction

There are some days where everything seems to be going wrong, and it’s those days when you need a nap the most. Stress produces hormones that naps can help alleviate, and napping also gives you better emotional control over negative emotions like frustration and impulsivity. When you’ve gotten some sleep, it’s easier to complete draining tasks, not only because you feel better but because the reduced stress from napping makes everything seem more manageable.

Work Smart

Next time you’re staying up late to work on a project, make sure to take some time for a little shut-eye. Though it may seem counterintuitive to drop everything for half an hour or so, when you wake up from a nap, you’ll be able to get more things done. Napping can increase endurance and focus and get you ready to finish a project. Besides, pushing yourself to get the work done doesn’t help. When you’re tired, you’re more likely to make mistakes.

Just Do It

But honestly, the only reason you need to take a nap is the fact that you want to take one. I know that you’ve been taught napping is something only little kids or lazy people do, but don’t listen to that. Napping is sleeping, only for a shorter time, and everyone sleeps. Denying yourself the nap you want is only to going make you more tired and upset. All the great benefits of napping are just a plus!

So, you want to start taking naps? Great idea! You should know that it’s recommended that naps last no longer than an hour, and you need to keep your sleep schedule in mind. Typically, if you take a nap too close to bedtime, it makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Try napping in the early afternoon for about 30 minutes to experience the full benefits of naptime.

Then, once you’ve set up a nap pattern that works for you, you’ll feel better and more productive before you know it. Sweet dreams!

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