Top 5 Songs to Get You Through a Breakup

(Image Credit: patronestaff)

(Image Credit: patronestaff)

With Valentine’s Day almost a month away from us, what could be better than a list of songs to belt in your car alone on your way to get greasy fast food in hopes of curing that feeling of emptiness? …No? Just me? Okay. At least I know the people that have gone through recent breakups are in a similar boat as me.

Breakups can be messy and unpredictable. There’s the someone cheated breakup, someone got bored and drifted away breakup, and even the elusive mutual breakup. Whatever your breakup situation may be, here are five songs that might make you feel a little bit better if you sing them at the top of your lungs.

Should’ve Said No – Taylor Swift

Let’s be honest, T Swift is the queen of breakup songs. The fact that I was able to just pick one and not make this whole list just her is pretty impressive. But Should’ve Said No is classic and perfect for anyone that was unfortunately cheated on by their significant other. The entire chorus is perfect and so so relatable. Go ahead and angry cry to this one, friends.

Stay Up Late – This Wild Life

This Wild Life is one my all-time favorite bands and honestly their entire album Clouded is perfect to get anyone through a breakup. I picked Stay Up Late specifically because it’s about making a phone call to an unreciprocated love interest. While I don’t advise that you call the person that broke your heart, this song is beautiful and yelling “YOU DON’T LOVE ME, I CAN TELL” along with the lead singer is beyond therapeutic.

Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

Just about everybody that knows anything about pop culture knows that Miley wrote this song after her and longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth split. So if you tried everything to make your relationship work but it failed despite your efforts, go ahead and throw on this song and embrace the heartache that it brings. The repeating line, “Don’t you ever say I just walked away/I will always want you,” is especially heart-wrenching.

Go to Hell – Go Radio

Another angry song that’s ideal if your S.O. left you for someone else. The song is sung from the perspective of a note that was left for the other person. The note says, “Go to hell if you’re reading this and I’m not here/Take your someone else and let me make this crystal clear that/That I don’t need your help and I’m okay by myself.” It repeats the line “go to hell” about ten times throughout the song and is the best song for after you’ve moved past the sadness phase and into the anger phase of a breakup.

Fuck You – Sleeping With Sirens

This a cover of the song originally by Cee Lo Green, but the SWS version is just a little angrier than the original. This song is perfect when you’re almost out of the anger phase and close to being over the person and the relationship the two of you shared. But not quite over it yet. Like, it’s been a few months and you feel like you should be over it because your friends are tired of hearing you talk about it but you still want to talk about it. So go ahead and put this song on repeat until it’s easier to keep them off your mind.

Breakups suck. Everyone knows that. So please do yourself a favor and deal with the emotions you’re feeling afterwards. It’s never good to keep emotions bottled up, so go ahead and start crying on shoulders, punching pillows, and singing your heart out to the tunes I picked just for you. We’ll get through this heartbreak together.

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