‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is a “Rey” of Hope for Girls

(Image Credit: Lucasfilm)

(Image Credit: Lucasfilm)

I waited a while to write this article to make sure at least a majority of our readers watched Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens… If not, you still have time but major props to you for going this long without seeing the movie. Whether or not you’ve seen all of Star Wars or absolutely avoided getting into the Star Wars world, the time is now to get into it. And here’s why. One word: Rey.

Yeah, there’s no last name. It’s just Rey. We’ll get more into that in a bit but let’s just start from the beginning. When we got a sneak peek of the very next chapter of this franchise, we just saw the face of this mysterious girl. I don’t know about you but I knew NOTHING about this movie. Well then again, I don’t think anyone knew about it. Anyways, just about ten to twenty minutes into the film, I fell in love with this fictional character.

Rey is the absolute role model I wish I had when I was a little girl. Looking back to my childhood, what “superhero” or woman role model did I have in my life (besides my mom)? No one. I had Melanie’s Mall — a doll who loved shopping — and I didn’t get into Supergirl or Wonder Woman until my early 20s. I had no real badass person to look up to! I’m jealous yet so incredibly happy for younger girls all over the world to have this type of person to look up to.

If you haven’t seen the movie at all, you’re probably really confused. Look, here’s the thing. Rey is the lead character that defies all the odds. She isn’t the normal damsel in distress. She’s the one who manages to get herself out of those situations and ends up being the savior for the boys. She’s not the average bystander and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when needed. Speaking of hands, she definitely never needs to be guided by a boy — ahem, Finn — so don’t even try to lead the way. She’ll figure things out herself.

Rey made a subtle but huge statement that mechanical engineering can be a boy AND girl thing. Did you notice Finn didn’t know what certain tools were? We’ve come a long way when the girls were seen as the “confused sidekick.” She even surprised Han with her knowledge of the makeup of a spacecraft or, in this case, his baby, Millennium Falcon. It was refreshing to see Finn burned to the side while Rey lead the way. Sorry, Finn. I still appreciate you.

We still don’t know Rey’s story. Who is she? Why is the Force so strong with her? There are so many theories that she’s somehow the daughter of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker or even Obi-Wan Kenobi! Her life is a mystery. All we know is that she was torn apart from someone or something very close to her at an early age. Damn it, I can’t wait much longer to know her story!

The woman who portrays Rey, Daisy Ridley, is just as cool as her character. (Side note: I did a quick search about her and noticed she’s the same exact age as me. We can basically be BFFs, right?) You’ve probably seen tons of Buzzfeed posts listing “27 ways Daisy Ridley stole our hearts” or something along those lines. I won’t list every single reason but just know, there are two types of people: the ones who intimidate the living hell out of you and the ones who’d be right next to you acting like a goofball. Daisy is the latter.

If Rey/Daisy existed during my days, I probably would have grown up differently. Back then, little boys had Luke Skywalker or Anakin Skywalker to look up to. Of course, we can’t deny that there’s also the badass Princess Leia who undoubtedly is not a princess but a QUEEN for independent women everywhere… However, Rey is the woman for our generation.

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