‘The Bronze Horseman:’ The Dream Cast We’re Rooting For

‘The Bronze Horseman:’ The Dream Cast We’re Rooting ForThe Bronze Horseman is a novel by Paullina Simons that I devoured around last Christmas. As a History major, I have a really odd soft spot for the Soviets and their history with us. I can’t really explain it, but if you get it, or at least like romance novels, then give this book a chance. It follows the story of Tatiana Metanova and opens on the day Russia declares war on Germany after an invasion. She meets a Russian soldier named Alexander and their story blooms from there. It’s captivating and just an all around amazing story. And this past October, Simons announced that the novel has a confirmed movie deal. And this book has a very special place in my heart and here are just a few people I hope may be included among the cast.

  1. Chloë Grace Moretz as Tatiana

Chloë has gotten very popular lately having been picked as the lead in The Fifth Wave movie adaption. I feel like she’d be a great Tatiana because she’s young and really fits the description of the young Russian girl.

(Image Credit: Sony)

(Image Credit: Sony)

  1. Henry Cavill as Alexander

The Internet has been vying for Henry Cavill to play Alexander so hard and for so long now, I’m honestly scared to suggest anyone else.

(Image Credit: WB)

(Image Credit: WB)

  1. Nina Dobrev as Dasha

Dasha is Tatiana’s older sister and I feel like Nina is such a beautiful and great actress that she could convey the sultry and sometimes kind-of-bitchy Dasha very well. There is a chance she’s much too tan to play the part of a Russian girl, but I’m in love with Nina and just want her to be in everything.


  1. Ed Westwick as Dimitri

Dimitri is the friend of Alexander and shows some interest in Tatiana. However, there’s something about him Tatiana doesn’t like. I think Ed Westwick would be able to give Dimitri his untrustworthy air.


These are just a few suggestions of some of the people I’d like to envision playing the roles of some of my favorite characters. I know casting is a hard and difficult process and I think all fans will understand if our top picks don’t get cast. Let’s all just be thankful that such a wonderful novel is getting turned into a movie that we can share and enjoy with everyone.

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