5 Ways to Instantly ‘Fake’ Whiter Teeth

(Image Credit: Kegfire)

(Image Credit: Kegfire)

We’ve all been there—getting all dolled up and feeling really good about ourselves until we flash one last smile in the mirror… not the pearly whites we were expecting to see.  Then our minds go into snowball thinking.  “Too much coffee; never bought those white stripes; did I brush after all that red wine?”  Surely if we had a brighter smile we’d feel totally confident, but how can we erase those stains fast, like, right this second?  We can’t BUT we can ‘fake’ it ‘till we make it.

Here are 5 easy ways to instantly fake a whiter smile:


Quick brush with a BLUE toothpaste

Remember the color wheel in art class?  Blue sits directly across from yellow/orange – so the two cancel each other out.  Using a fast whitening blue toothpaste will cancel out a layer of color making your teeth look whiter in just one use.  I like Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste.


Dress in darker colors

Creating a stronger contrast between your outfit and your smile can instantly make your teeth appear brighter.  Wearing something in the white family can make your teeth look dull or yellowed.  Opt for darker colors- navy, black, etc.  The large contrast in color will make your teeth (and eyes!) look brighter.


Bronzer is a girl’s best friend

Ever notice that when you have a fresh tan your teeth look super white?  Again, it’s all about contrasting colors.  If you’re feeling a little pale, give a light sweep of bronzer to the areas where the sun would touch you first (top of forehead, cheek bones, nose, and chin) for a natural sun-kissed glow.


Hues of Blue

The next two tips are for the lips.  Applying the right lip color is key since it will directly contrast your teeth (if done properly).  Find shades of pink or red or berry that best work with your skin tone and then make sure they have blue undertones.  This also means looking for ‘cool’ tones.   There are two types of undertones in cosmetics: warm or cool.   Warm tones are your yellows and oranges.  Cool tones are your blues.   Finding blue tones means spotting the colors that seem cool, without the presence of any orange or yellow.  MAC’s Ruby Woo has been a cult favorite for years.


Finishing Gloss

Finish off your total look with a blue lip gloss.  Yup, I said BLUE lip gloss.  Don’t worry; you won’t walk around looking like you just devoured a blue raspberry slushie.  Blue glosses are tinted blue but appear clear when applied.  This finishing touch will totally make your smile appear whiter.   Creator of IT Cosmetic, Jamie Kern Lima, created this blue lip gloss because she was a News Anchor and knew how important a white smile was for the TV business (and knew the secrets to getting one!).   If you’re looking for the appearance of fuller lips AND a whiter smile, try DuWop Blue Venom Lip Gloss.


With these 5 easy tips, bring the confidence back to your smile—it is your best accessory 😉

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