What’s the Big Deal About…Chipotle?

(Image Credit: Chipotle)

(Image Credit: Chipotle)

Chipotle has been getting a lot of heat recently due to E. Coli outbreaks stemming from a few of their locations, but the company has been trying hard to earn the trust of its loyal customers back. For a lucky few, this even meant free burritos if they texted the word “raincheck” on the same day that the brand temporarily shut down to hold national meetings regarding food safety. Despite the recent blips, Chipotle still has the hearts of many. So, what is the big deal about Chipotle, anyway?

Fast but fresh

Fast food restaurants have a bad rap. Most ingredients are frozen, meals are rarely made to order, and have been sitting under heat lamps for sometimes hours by the time your meal is in front of you. Chipotle does it a little differently; you watch them assemble your meal right in front of you and add in the ingredients as you list them off. This way, there’s no mystery as to how long your food has been sitting around and what really went into it.

Fair prices

One of the redeeming qualities of fast food chains is that they’re typically inexpensive, and Chipotle definitely fits that bill. Although it’s true that you’re not going to find an extensive dollar menu or two-for-$2 deals, the prices are more than fair for what you get. I can say with certainty that I’ve never left dissatisfied.

You have control over your meal

There’s a basic menu to guide you, but beyond that, what goes into your meal is up to you. This means you control how mild or spicy your salsa is, what kind of veggies are mixed in, and how healthy (or unhealthy) it all turns out to be. Plus, there are tons of options, so you can switch up your order and try something new every time you go.

Fresh ingredients

Chipotle’s website boasts that their ingredients are farm sourced, non-GMO, and all around fresh. This isn’t something you’re going to find at many self-proclaimed fast food joints. Having the peace of mind that the vegetables you’re eating are farm fresh and the chicken isn’t total mystery meat is pretty comforting.

Their guacamole recipe is online

Yes, we all know the guac costs a little extra, but did you know Chipotle posts their recipe online? Now you’ll never have to serve up some mediocre dip at your parties again. I’d say that’s reason enough to love a restaurant.

So, what do you think the big deal is about Chipotle? Leave a comment below and let us know why you love it!

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