The Best 5 Moments from The X-Files Miniseries (So Far)

(Image Credit: Fox)

(Image Credit: Fox)

In Season 6 of The X-Files, Mulder tells Scully, “They can’t take away the X-Files, Scully. They tried.” Much the same way, the TV show The X-Files keeps coming back in different forms. After nine years on air, movies in 1998 and 2008, and becoming a cultural phenomenon, Mulder, Scully and The X-Files returned to our TV screens. And I’m happy to report that the show is still as great as ever with our agents searching for the truth and digging up conspiracies. Read on to uncover the miniseries’ best moments so far!

“My name is Fox Mulder.”

The opening of “My Struggle” literally gave me chills. While it was mostly Mulder summing up the series as a whole, this meant The X-Files was actually returning. This was really happening. Plus, all the stills of Mulder and Scully at work proved the show wasn’t going to be all-new but the same X-Files that we know and love, just in a more modern package. The fact that it led almost directly into the show’s original credit sequence didn’t hurt either.

“They’ve reopened the X-Files.”

This moment in “My Struggle” gave me both chills and reasons to cheer. As an X-Files fan, knowing that Mulder and Scully were back on the case was a dream come true, but the Cigarette Smoking Man was the one who delivered the good news. Believed to be dead after the series finale, the villain is back, albeit in worse health than the last time we saw him. It was a great moment for the first episode to end on because I immediately wanted to see more.

“Welcome back, you two.”

In case we thought Skinner had changed in the eight years since we’d last seen him, this scene in “Founder’s Mutation” proved he hadn’t. Not only was he willing to listen to Scully and Mulder’s somewhat outlandish theory, but he also gave them time to get more evidence by hiding their paperwork. A funny and great way to remind us just whose side Skinner is on, this scene showed that Scully and Mulder still aren’t in their quest alone.

“Dr. Scully, I was told that you were the rational one.”

I laughed when Dr. Goldman said this to Scully in “Founder’s Mutation” because it was clearly supposed to be an insult but didn’t work out that way. First of all, Dr. Goldman obviously hasn’t actually watched The X-Files. Yes, Scully is the more rational one, but when all the evidence is saying you’re guilty of using alien DNA in your experiments, Scully’s going to side with that. Plus, she got a lot more open-minded over the years through what she say in the cases. Dr. Goldman’s attempt at side-stepping the question didn’t escape Scully’s notice either, and she and Mulder kept on the scientist’s case.

“Do you ever think about William?”

Hands down the two best scenes in “Founder’s Mutation” were the sequences where both Mulder and Scully thought of what it would be like if they’d gotten a chance to raise William. We got to see the two of them acting as parents with Scully taking William to school and Mulder watching 2001: A Space Odyssey and building rockets with their kid. Of course, as good as the parenting was, I was pretty partial to the scenes when they turned into nightmares. Scully worried William would manifest alien DNA while Mulder saw William get abducted like his sister. The miniseries is supposed to focus on the agents’ regret about giving their son up, and these scenes were a perfect way to introduce that idea.

While there were tons of other great moments in The X-Files miniseries so far, including Scully doing an autopsy again, these five were the ones that encapsulated what I wanted from the revival. I wanted my X-Files back, maybe a little worn and grizzled but still recognizable as the same show. The miniseries has been everything I could have wanted and then some, and there’re still several episodes to go! Let me know what you’ve liked in the comments below. We’ve got to celebrate our show being back on the air while we still can.

The X-Files miniseries continues Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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