Texas State University: Why Are You So Awesome?

Texas State University: Why Are You So Awesome?Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last three years here, but I gotta say that Texas State in San Marcos is one the best places I have ever been. It’s possible that I’m biased, though, so I’ll try and prove it with a few examples. Here are a few aspects that makes Texas State University so special.


The River

Texas State students spend probably around 70% of their year at the river. It’s currently February (granted, a very warm February) and I saw about a dozen people at the river yesterday! It’s a beautiful place full of beautiful people enjoying the Texas heat and decompressing after class. It’s also tradition to jump in after graduation, robe and all, no matter the weather.


The Bubble Believer

The Bubble Believer is a guy who popped up on campus last semester and spends his time blowing bubbles at and with students while spreading positive vibes to everyone. One time I popped one of his bubbles and smiled at him and he said, “Thank you for blessing my day with your smile.” He won my heart that day and whenever I see him on campus my day is a little bit brighter.


LBJ Statue

President Lyndon B. Johnson graduated from Texas State in 1930 and we have a statue of him at the end of the quad. He has his hand stretched out and students have a tradition shaking his hand before a big test. Tradition says doing so will get you an A!


The Fearless Squirrels

While our squirrels aren’t particularly friendly (you can’t pet them or anything), they aren’t afraid to run in between the legs of hundreds of students. You’ll see a few lounging on benches around campus and if you’re not careful, they’ll steal your french fries right out of your hands.


Outspoken Students

There are very few quiet days on campus. During the week, the free speech area is usually full of people expressing their opinion on something, whether it be sexuality, abortion, or religion. Texas State encourages this by having a designated free speech zone at the beginning of the quad around the Fighting Stallions statue.



Honestly, I could talk about my school for hours. I graduate next semester and I am absolutely struggling at the prospect of not walking through the quad 5 days a week. If you’re looking at schools to attend or maybe just reminiscing about your alma mater, let’s take this time to appreciate everything Texas State has to offer us.

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