Oscars 2016: 5 Things We’re Most Looking Forward To

Oscars 2016: 5 Things We’re Most Looking Forward ToMy husband has the Super Bowl, and I have Oscar Sunday. It is my favorite television event of the year, and it’s coming up soon! This Sunday, I’ll be parked in front of my TV for hours on end, watching endless red carpet and a show about movies, and it will be glorious.


And because I love to make lists, I’m sharing the five things I’m most looking forward to this Sunday.


  1. KATE AND LEO. This has been the best awards season in years. And I will 100% admit it’s because of Kate and Leo. I was thirteen when Titanic came out and my heart will always go on, and I will never ever let go. I’ve endlessly cheered on Kate and Leo over the years and always root for them to be together again. And this is the year, the awards season where they’ve both been winners, and they’ve been cheering each other on and having adorable on-screen reunions and hugs and ah, I could go on forever. Basically, if Kate and Leo aren’t sitting near each other on Sunday, I will be writing a strongly worded letter to the seat designator.


So, did I mention that I want Kate and Leo to win? And that I will no doubt cheer loudly if they do? Because I do, and I will.


  1. The fashion. Oscar Sunday always brings out Hollywood’s best, and I’m praying that this year won’t disappoint. I expect dapper gentlemen, glamorous women and a few show-stoppers. And then, of course, the disasters that didn’t even bother to brush their hair. Either way, I can’t wait to watch.


  1. The red carpet. On that same note, I love watching the red carpet. Seriously, it’s hours long, and if I have my way, I’ll be watching all of it and switching between E! and ABC to get the best shots and interviews. Over the years, the interviewers have gotten progressively worse, but I live for the candid shots. And the star spotting. And the crazy things that happen with the fans in the stands.


  1. Chris Rock. I wasn’t totally on board with him at first. He hasn’t been the best in the past, but he definitely hasn’t been the worst either (that honor goes to Anne Hathaway and James Franco, ugh). And in a year where #OscarsSoWhite is dominating the conversation, I’m quite curious to see how he’ll be handling things.


  1. The OMG moment. I feel like every year there is one. The water cooler moment you want to talk about the next day. The crazy outfit someone wore, the amazing acceptance speech, the phenomenal musical performance, anything.I’m ready to be awed, Oscars, please do not disappoint.

Oscar Sunday can’t get here soon enough.

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