When Artists Go Solo: Is It Worth It?

(Image Credit: @zayn Instagram)

(Image Credit: @zayn Instagram)

It’s been almost a year since Zayn Malik left One Direction and with his new song “Pillowtalk” topping the charts and the video catching just about everyone’s attention (Have you seen it yet? It’s mesmerizing), it’s got me wondering, is going solo worth it? Here are just a few things Zayn and countless other artists that went solo had to deal with.

Public backlash

When the news broke that Zayn left One Direction, social media exploded. Every article, Tumblr post and video shared a similar outcry – what was Zayn going to do without One Direction and what was One Direction going to do without Zayn? A ton of fans reacted by posting videos of themselves crying while others just vented to social media.

Public scrutiny

After Zayn left, news media outlets as well as fans closely watched him. What would he do next – would it be good or bad? After a petty tweet towards ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson, public opinion was pretty low.


And then he split with his fiancée Perrie Edwards and it seemed like every move Zayn made caused him to lose more and more support from fans.

Public support

Zayn’s new video was released January 28th and it seems like people are totally ignoring their past unhappiness with him. There has been quite a bit of controversy over the fact that Zayn’s new girlfriend Gigi Hadid is in the video, but it seems like most of the world is just excited to have new music from the ex-1D star.


So that’s a very brief summary of what Zayn’s been dealing with for almost a year after leaving One Direction. So that brings me back to my main question. Is going solo worth it? Is it worth the backlash and scrutiny? Should he have just stayed with One Direction until they fizzled out and just stopped producing music? Does he regret his past decisions? Whatever the case maybe, it looks like Zayn may be back on track to get the public to love him again and support his solo career.

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