‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival: What We Most Want to See

(Image Credit: The CW)

(Image Credit: The CW)

As a longtime Gilmore Girls fan, I reacted to news of the upcoming Netflix revival of the show, in the form of four mini-movies, with a mix of disbelief (Really? After all this time?), relief (Finally Amy Sherman-Palladino can finish the series the way she intended!), and, of course, extreme excitement. Fans have been buzzing about every new casting announcement and analyzing what it might mean for the story.

Personally, I’ll be happy with literally anything. New Gilmore Girls is new Gilmore Girls, and I have all the faith in the world that ASP will come through with something worth watching. That said, of course there are certain things I hope are addressed with the revival, and other things that I just would really love to see.


Rory doesn’t end up with Dean or Logan

I don’t think there’s much chance of this, but it’s still on my list because if Rory did end up with Dean or Logan, it would be horribly depressing. Everyone has their opinions on Rory’s various boyfriends, but to me it doesn’t make sense that she’d find long term happiness with Dean, and I just really don’t like Logan. So yeah, I’m biased. I don’t really think she’ll end up with Jess, either, but if she did…I wouldn’t be mad about it. At all.


What happens when someone uses a cell phone at Luke’s Diner

I just really want to know if Luke is still enforcing the no cell phones rule. I assume he probably is, but HOW? It’s got to be much harder in 2016 than it was in 2006.


Kirk is still exploring new job opportunities

The Stars Hollow townies, and especially Kirk, are the special spices in the Gilmore Girls formula that make it so interesting and endearing. With news of Sean Gunn joining the revival cast, we know Kirk will make an appearance, but I hope that he’s the same ol’ Kirk. I want to see the version of Kirk that’s always got a new odd job and is both bizarre and beautifully clueless. I don’t think it would be right if Kirk was suddenly the picture of maturity and stability.


Luke and Lorelai get some resolution

When Gilmore Girls ended, the Luke/Lorelai situation was left (probably intentionally) very ambiguous. No thank you. Sort that situation out one way or the other, please! Either they get together and stay together or they are definitely, definitively apart for good. But hopefully if that’s the case they are still best frenemies.


Kwan and Steve get some screentime

I generally could not care less about kids, but for some reason I am just itching to know what Lane & Zach’s twins, Kwan and Steve, are up to these days! Are they musically-inclined like their parents? Or do either of them take after Mrs. Kim? Maybe one of each? There are just so many funny little directions this situation could take, and I would love to see it as a small story throughout the revival episodes.


The clothes are fantastic enough to inspire a tumblr

The Gilmore Girls always had slightly eclectic fashion sense, with Lorelai never shying away from a loud pattern or low cut, and Rory preferring mostly simple, classic clothes with an occasional quirk thrown in. I’m excited to see these ladies’ updated looks and I’m hoping for an odd but fashionable blend of items worthy of one of those tumblr pages that tells you where you can, for the low price of $1200, purchase a dress like Lorelai’s.


Richard gets a fitting tribute

I’m confident this will happen – ASP clearly loved Edward Hermann and was deeply affected by his death, so I know she will address it appropriately on the show. I’m just hopeful that they are able to find the right balance in tone so that the loss of Richard is important and given the time it deserves, but doesn’t dominate too much of the storyline.


The last four words are worth the hype

If you’re a fan of Gimore Girls, you’ve no doubt heard the legend of the last four words. For many years, even before the show originally ended, ASP had the idea in her head for what she wanted the last four words of the series to be. When Sherman-Palladino left the show before its final season, those four words became legend. Would we ever hear them? Well, now we’re going to, and now I just hope they can live up to the huge expectation that has been built up around them.
This list could go on forever, because in reality I could get excited about seeing just about anything related to Gilmore Girls. Just seeing all my favorite characters back together again on screen will be amazing regardless, but if the revival checks off the items on my list, even better!

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