#FreeKesha: The Outpouring of Support

(Image Credit: Instagram, iiswhoiis)

(Image Credit: Instagram, iiswhoiis)

Last week after Kesha’s trial, it was ruled that Sony would not terminate her contract with Dr. Luke. We saw videos of the pop star breaking down in tears and our collective heart broke for her. But soon after, there was an outpouring of support not just from fans, but from celebrities, too.

After the ruling, there was a wave of tweets condemning the ruling, sending positive vibes, and supporting Kesha entirely.


After the kind words, some celebrities took bigger action in hopes of supporting Kesha. Taylor Swift donated $250,000 “to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time.

Musician Zedd offered to produce a song with Kesha.

However, Lady Gaga has been the most dedicated and vocal in her support for Kesha. At the Oscars she dedicated her performance of her song Til It Happens to You to Kesha. She brought rape survivors on stage and stood together in unity and made a very powerful and moving statement.

Kesha responded with a couple of tweets of her own.

Overall, Kesha’s situation is horrible and devastating, but the huge amount of support from celebrities and fans is astounding. It demonstrates how coming forward about abuse will not always be met with rumors and speculation, but with hope and support. Ideally, Kesha’s bravery and her supporters will inspire and comfort others in similar situations.

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