Celebrity Crush: Tom Hardy

The world has gone Tom Hardy crazy, and I am no exception. Over the past few years, he has started sneaking his way into just about every popular movie. He was in two of the eight movies up for Best Picture at the Oscars, and was nominated for best actor in a supporting role, thanks to his outstanding performance in The Revenant.

Why is Tom Hardy so popular, you ask? The most obvious answer is that his acting skills are impeccable. He can play any role and completely knock it out of the park. Unstable twins (yes, two of him) taking over the London crime scene? No problem. A lying, vicious, self-centered wild man making his way through blizzards in the uncharted wilderness? Easy. A Boston bartender who turns out to be a murderer but still convinces you to have a soft spot for him in the end? He can do that, too (or maybe that was just me).



There’s also no denying the charm of his British accent, and the looks certainly don’t hurt. He can pull off a clean cut look better than most guys out there, but can rock a beard even better. The tattoos are just an added bonus.




Did you know that he’s also a dedicated husband and father? It doesn’t get much better than Tom in all his glory holding his mini-me… except for him holding puppies. That comes pretty close.




If you somehow don’t have a major crush on Tom Hardy already, do yourself a favor and watch every movie that he’s ever been in. You’ll thank me later.



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