What’s the Big Deal About…Maisie Williams

(Image Credit: Instagram @Maisie_Williams)

(Image Credit: Instagram @Maisie_Williams)

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan then you’ve known about Maisie Williams for a while now. But recently, she has gotten a lot of attention online for being a beautiful lively actress. As a huge GoT fan and an even bigger fan of her character Arya, I just adore Maisie. She is one of the most fun actresses I have ever followed on Instagram. Here’s a little peek at the wonderful Maisie.


Here’s a look at Maisie’s new love in her life, her adopted dog Sonny:



And don’t even get me started on her fashion sense. I am beyond jealous of how many different styles she can pull off.



She’s all about supporting other women and is very active in the Like A Girl campaign.


All in all, Maisie is one of the most positive celebrities on social media today. She admires her character Arya just as much as the audience does and she tries really hard to make the world a better place with her position as a celebrity.

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