An Interview with ‘Containment’ Star Christina Moses

(Image Credit: The CW)

(Image Credit: The CW)

Christina Moses stars in the CW’s newest series, Containment, which premiered on Tuesday, April 19.  We caught up with Moses to discuss all things Containment and how it’s much more than your normal sci-fi, post-apocalyptic drama.


The Daily Quirk: Tell us about Containment.

Christina Moses: [Containment] is a drama that focuses on the aftermath of a viral outbreak. It starts in the hospital; a virus is discovered that is rapidly killing people so they have to issue an urban quarantine very quickly—friends, family, and lovers are torn apart so they are trying to get back to each other in some fashion and race to find a cure and try to figure out how this even happened.


TDQ: You play Jana, can you tell us about her?

CM: Jana is a data recovery specialist—very savvy. She grew up in a group home so she’s never had her own family. She’s learned how to survive at a very young age but that also created walls. So she’s doing really well for herself but she has some commitment issues as a result. We open up on two things:  She’s packing to move in with her boyfriend, but she’s gripped with fear and can’t make the decision so she goes to work and thinks about it, realizes the time is right and she really loves him—then the quarantine happens and she’s stuck inside. Each character has a unique story; Jana’s is how to overcome her fears of letting people in and realizing that she needs people to survive.


TDQ: How would you react & what would you do if Containment happened in real life?

CM: I would cry! (Laughs) I would try to grab every person that I love and keep them close.  That’s the thing—you don’t know until you’re actually in it. That’s what I love about our story; you don’t know who you’re going to become until you’re faced with a life or death situation and that’s what’s beautiful. But it has definitely taught me, I don’t really do it but I know, to stock up on food and water and to be prepared for natural disasters.


TDQ: What would fans of sci-fi or post-apocalyptic style shows be surprised to see in Containment?

CM: The fact that it could actually happen. It has all the characteristics of a post-apocalyptic world, all of the danger and excitement, but the fact that it can actually happen, it adds a little bit more danger and I think that will really grab viewers. Our stories and the potential conspiracy that’s going on—that all adds to it.


TDQ: Do you have to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy Containment?

CM: Absolutely not. There is something for everyone in this show. The storylines of all the characters—it’s all very interesting and exciting.


Get to know Christina Moses a little better with our quick-fire round of Quirky Questions:

Current Favorite Binge Watching TV Show: Orphan Black

Favorite Snack Food: Chocolate

If you could live anywhere in the world: Bali

We would be surprised to know this fun fact: In 8th grade I had a REALLY bad perm but I had a Bar Mitzvah to go to so my dad recommended getting a wig, so I did. It looked just like my hair, so I’m at the Bar Mitzvah and we’re having fun and dancing on the dance floor in front of my crush. We started to twirl, I’m spinning and spinning, and off goes my wig! It slides across the dance floor. I rush over to get it and put it back on—luckily the boys didn’t see, but I was mortified!

Childhood celebrity crush: Corey Haim, Michael Jackson; I had a million!

Current Obsession:  My puppy!  And facial products—natural makeup and natural skincare. I just got a cleansing oil and it’s awesome!

Favorite Hobby: Dancing

If you had to change careers: An elephant caretaker—I love them so much!


Tune in for new episodes of Containment Tuesdays on the CW.

For more from Christina Moses follow her on Instagram and Twitter.




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