Is It True? I’ve Been Using Bobby Pins Wrong, Since…FOREVER?!

While doing a search for an article on haircuts, I came across this post by Honey & Fitz about bobby pins and could not believe what I was reading! I use bobby pins to pull my bangs back while exercising or to keep the hair out of my face on a windy day. I use them for braids,  to create some volume, or to hold a messy bun in place. The list of uses for bobby pins really is endless. But… have I been using bobby pins the wrong way all this time? How hard can it be? There are only two choices!

Well, the answer is a big fat, yes! I have been using bobby pins for the right purposes, but the wrong way all this time. If you still use the good ol’ fashioned bobby pins (they have evolved in colors and shapes) with the grooves on one side, you will want to know the grooved side should never be facing out for the world to see! They are to be put in face down! The purpose of the grooves is to grip your hair and the flat side is meant to press the hair down into those groves.

Who knew? Not me, but I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has been using them the wrong way after reading the  Honey & Fitz post. It’s good to know I was not alone, but even better to know the right way to use these handy hair tools. I have already tried the proper way of using the pins to pull my bangs back and can report that if you follow suit,  you will not have to fix them or any other style you try for the rest of the day! What a life changer, in my case about 18 years late, but better late than never! You are welcome bobby pin fanatics!

Originally posted October 16, 2013.

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