How to Pick Your Natural Blush Color

(Image Credit: lculig)

(Image Credit: lculig)

Looking effortlessly beautiful boils down to looking naturally healthy. A great way to pull off this look is with perfectly flushed cheeks. To get this appearance, we rely on blush to give us that flawless, rosy glow. But with so many colors to choose from, how do we pick the perfect shade to make us look luscious and not clownish? Let’s break down tips and tricks to figure out your perfect shade so you can look sexy and not silly.

Check yourself out after a good workout.

The best way to find out what your natural blush shade should be is to see your skin’s natural blush after a run or workout. Check out your cheeks in the mirror afterwards to see what color they pick up. If you have problems with turning into a tomato all over after a workout, this may not be the best bet, but for anyone who gets a light flush it is the perfect way to see your natural blush.

Pinch your cheeks.

A time-tested way to give yourself a natural blush, pinching your cheeks will make them react to show off what your natural flushed tone is. You don’t have to pinch hard; just a little along the apples of your cheeks will show what color your natural blush is. This is also an easy way to give color to your cheeks if you have no blush in sight.

Visit a makeup counter.

The makeup artists at the counter of your favorite store are trained to tell you the perfect tone for any type of makeup you are searching for. You can trust their judgment; they have hours of training and often times are certified makeup artists. You may also find the perfect new blush for you with their help.

Buy a blush palette.

For some of us, the only way to do things is through trial and error. If you have to see it to believe it, invest in a blush palette to see many shades of blush on your face. This can help you not only find the best natural blush but allow you to create many different looks.

Find a master makeup artist.

If you’re feeling flustered and can’t seem to hit the right shade, try finding a makeup artist who mixes their own products. Many lines of makeup, such as Motives, allow makeup artists to create custom blended products, making sure the shade is just right for you!

Finding the right blush doesn’t have to be such a struggle! With these tips and tricks, you can pick your natural blush color make sure to get the right flush for your face without too much hassle and time.


Originally posted on December 2, 2014.

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